Tuesday, January 24, 2012

what i can't (or don't want) to live without

I got my Canon Rebel T2i for Christmas in 2010.  I am incredibly disappointed in myself for not taking the time to learn more about all the functions and what all those letters and numbers mean so that I can maximize the quality of the pictures I take.  Of course, I am mostly taking pictures of my kids.  I don't feel that they rise to the level of professional photos, but that is where I would like to be.

I've just started researching lenses and I'm trying to sort through a lot of information to determine what would be best for my needs.  They are just so expensive.  And fragile.  And I have 2 little kids.  Eek. 

Photography is definitely a hobby of mine, but I'm nowhere near good enough to take pictures of other people's kids for money.  I enjoy taking pictures for fun.  I think taking them for money would be too much pressure and I'm into low-stress livin' as much as possible. 

So while I could live without this camera, I sure wouldn't want to!  It is especially vital now that I have challenged myself to Project 365 - taking a picture every day for an entire year.

I'm linking up with Mama G at Growing Up Geeky for her Toddle Along Tuesday blog hop.

What's your one MUST-HAVE item?

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