Thursday, January 5, 2012

it's probably in my purse.

My purse is too big.  Not "too big" in a way that I want to get rid of it, stop using it, etc.  Because it's an awesome purse.  Just "too big" in the way that I can never find ANYTHING in it.  It's a bottomless pit that eats change and pencils and chapsticks and whatever it is I'm looking for at the very second I need it. 

The purse:

I'm gonna be that mom.  The one at Disney World with 56 character-themed erasers and light up straws and collectible shrinky dinks in her purse.  The one constantly elbow-deep, digging for a band-aid or tube of sunscreen. 

Current contents (excluding the random expired coupons I just threw away)

Top row, left to right
1. Wadded up receipt from paying our balance at the pediatrician's office last week
2. Fingernail clippers
3. Pink swiss army pocketknife/multi-use tool (I really only use the scissors)
4. Little owl hand lotion thingy from my Christmas stocking
5. Pen
6. Salon gift card - score!
7. Prescription eye drops - I have not used these in at least a year, why are they still in there? I have changed purses 5 times since I last used these
8. Johnson's lotion
9. B&BW shea butter hand cream, aka lotion (that's three lotions in the first 9 items in case you weren't keeping count).

2nd row, left to right
1. Pads.  Because one day, you never know.  I might have a period again. (But I never use pads...these have been in my purse since before I had Dexter.  EIGHT months ago).
2. B&BW hand sani -brand new from my stocking
3. Orbit gum
4. Extra watermelon gum (has been in there since Summer, maybe)
5. Pick - who uses a pick? Not me.  I have no idea why this is in my purse.  My hair is like 5 inches long. It does not need to be combed, ever.
6. Dental floss
7. Aquaphor - the ointment/lotion/goo that cures all ills (almost)
8. Lipstick - I have no clue.
9. Yes to Carrots chapstick. Love it.
10. Fossil brand change purse - holds my work I.D. and building entry swipey card thingy

3rd Row, left to right
1. Fenugreek.  Sad face.  Last ditch effort to save my vanishing milk supply.
2. Key ring just for stupid store cards and keys that I have no idea what they unlock.
3. Rental car key fobs.
4. Fossil brand wallet.
5. Tea bags.  Is that weird?
6.  Batteries, various sizes.  Definitely weird.

Last row, left to right
1. Motorola Droid 2 by Verizon Wireless
2. Burger King pepper packet.  I don't know.  Don't have a clue.
3.  Homemade delicious caramel (not homemade by me. And now in my belly).
4. card from The Buckle with my husband's jeans size and style on it.  Why do I have this?
5. Coupons for 2 free pieces of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Yes please.
6. Printed emails for picking up a Christmas gift that is being delivered to a local store

31 things in my purse.  Really?  No wonder I can never find anything.  Oh, the Canon Rebel T2i also hangs out in the purse some, but I had to use it to take the picture. Duh, right?

More on this later:

hoping I didn't bore you to tears,

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