Tuesday, January 24, 2012

go. patriots?

Living in Indiana, my husband gets a lot of dirty looks for being a Patriots fan.  Try as he might, he just can't resist the magnetic draw he feels to those wild boys, Bill and Tom. Indianapolis Colts fans are so mad that their biggest rivals, the Patriots, are coming to town for the Superbowl this year that a facebook friend went as far as to say "that's child abuse!" when R posted a picture of our boys in their Pats jerseys.

What do I think of it all?  It makes me laugh.  It's kind of funny to be rooting for the villian.  I mean...it IS just a game...right?



Theo's pretty proud of his jersey, even though he has no clue what any of it means.

and Daddy?  It's pretty safe to say he's pretty proud of his 2 awesome sons.


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