Wednesday, January 18, 2012

project 365 (jan 9-17)

Project 365, Days 9-17

9/365: Theo's new play kitchen.

10/365: The Chef.

11/365: Recently remodeled lounge area in the basement of my office building.  I'm so impressed.

12/365:  Stalling at bedtime.  Must. Inspect. Toothbrush.

13/365: Vintage bowls and fresh produce.  Perfect combination.

14/365: Niko.

15/365: Grabbing on, pulling up, and standing around.

16/365: Red fingerless gloves, perfect for driving on these cold, dreary days...courtesy of one Knittin' Nana.

17/365:  Going up.

Day 17? That's what you get when you mix oh-crap-it's-9:30pm-and-I-haven't-taken-a-picture-yet-today-and-I'm-already-at-work-hurry-quick-where's-my-phone? and Photobucket's fun editing tools.  Sorry, slow picture day I guess.  Still turned out kinda cool anyway, right?  If not, then just hush up.

What's your pick for favorite pic of the week?  I kinda like days 13 and 15 the best.  Oh, and 11 and 12.  Clearly, I suck at picking a favorite!

still snappin' left and right,

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  1. 13 and 16 are my favorites. But all of them are good shots, it would be hard to pick just one as a favorite.

    My Guy and I have comitted to taking a picture a day for 2012, except I've already missed one day and so has he.