Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

To see how much they've changed in a year, click: Easter 2012

This Easter weekend we stayed with Ryan's parents, AKA Pop Pop & Nana.  Aunt Chelle, Uncle Bob, and cousin Spencer were able to join us for the weekend.  There was an unexpected twist on Easter, but overall, it was a great weekend.

Saturday, their neighborhood had an Easter egg hunt.

A rare photo of me & my boys.

Apparently this is their Swing Face.

Saturday night we celebrated Pop Pop and Uncle Bob's birthdays with the delicious and adorable cake below.

Theo REALLY wanted to blow out the candles.  So we re-lit some.

Sunday morning, Dexter and I were playing on the floor.  He was laying/rolling/jumping all over me.  It's kind of a blur now, but I recall that he started to roll off of me and instinctively, I grabbed his arm.  It must have been the angle at which he was falling + the angle at which I pulled his arm...but I heard and felt a pop.  I sat up immediately and stood him up in front of me.  He instantly started screaming and crying in a way that said something was very wrong.  We took his shirt off and his right shoulder was visibly different from his left.  It looked higher.  I picked up his right hand and dropped it. It fell limp at his side.  He was not able to use his right arm at all.  Ryan and I loaded him up in the car and left for Urgent Care.  

in the car

waiting on x-ray results

The boy went from being uncomfortable to being in excruciating pain from moment to moment. His arm remained limp throughout this time. After the first set of x-rays came back normal, the radiologist requested a second set from a different angle. This time the tech raised his arm, which was the first time it had been in that position since his arm popped.  He screamed and cried.  I noticed, though, that as soon as I picked him up off the table this time, he immediately wrapped his right arm around my neck.  I pointed it out to Ryan and the x-ray tech and we went back to the room to wait for results once more.  When we sat in the chair, Dexter sat up in my lap. Until then, he had been lying on us.  He was hesitant when I asked him to give me a high 5, but did it.  He cried a little.  He was fidgety. We asked if he wanted to get down and walk around and he did so we put his shoes on and sat him down.  He began swinging his arm normally and walked right over to the doctor's stool and started drumming on it.  !!!  What!?  

This almost brought tears to my eyes; I was so relieved that my babe was fine.  Ryan was mortified because we had wasted all this time (and money, no doubt) and there was absolutely nothing wrong with our kid.  My perspective ... we could have been in surgery for a dislocated shoulder.  I don't know what happened, but when he had that second x-ray, he got all better.  We told the nice ladies at Urgent Care "check, please!" and hit the road.  

On the way back.

We got back just in time for lunch and just in time for the weather to warm up enough for our outdoor Easter egg hunt. 

It's safe to say the boys loved their baskets.  Theo has not stopped playing with his Barrel of Monkeys.  I had a lot of fun hiding the Easter eggs. 

Three excited boys!

Seeing this kid run, laugh, and play made my day.

Hope your Easter was happy!


  1. Poor kiddo. Glad it was nothing and it didn't ruin your Easter. You look great by the way!!

    1. Thank you Heather! You are so nice. :)

  2. Oooof! So scary! Glad he was fine and you had a great Easter! I am so jealous of the sunlight and grass!

  3. Ahhh they are so much bigger!! Sorry that happened :(

  4. Poor baby boy! Glad that everything turned out ok!

    PS -- You made some really cute boys. I know I say that a lot but seriously! They are so cute!

  5. I think my husband would have reacted the same way. But how scary!