Tuesday, April 16, 2013

things that made me smile/cry

stuff for smiling:

Well-behaved boys and fast-moving traffic on the way to Tennessee Friday night.

My niece playing games on her iPod with her cousin.

My husband snuggling up with our 3 month old niece.

A delicious food truck lunch with my nephew at the Dogwood Arts Festival.

Cousins crafting.

My mama and her gorgeous grandbaby, Penelope Quinn.

Kids playing at the park.

Grown-ups playing at the park (my sister).

Sister love.

A child's curiosity.


Donuts at dusk while their cousin practices baseball.

A bed full of the three cutest guys I know.

A family day at Dollywood with my hubby and our boys.

Boys drivin' cars.

Boys drivin' ducks.

Boys splashin' and laughin'.

His hand on mine.

Train ride in the mountains.

Finally getting home and seeing these two snuggling on the couch.

This face.

And the things that did not make me smile during that same time frame? Tears.  Or at least some negative feelings. 

1. Only having 2 days to spend in TN.
2. Traffic jams that meant an 8 hr drive home.
3. Theo's eyes swelling up from seasonal allergies. Hello, Zyrtec. We remember you from March - June 2012.
4. This: 

5. Boston Marathon.
6. My very, very good friend moving far, far away. Good, good friends are hard to find and keep in the same state apparently. 
7. Other stuff. Blah.

How was your weekend?



  1. I did that to my phone a few months ago. It's a pain to fix, but I did it myself. Bleh. And your niece is so adorable!! But she's already getting so BIG.

    1. Really?? Do you have the same phone?

  2. Looks like you had a fun filled trip!

  3. Ours was too fast! I am glad you had fun despite the phone and coming home to sad news about Boston.

    1. Aren't the weekends ALWAYS too fast? yeah, the phone thing sucks but Boston = perspective. Not that big of a deal.

  4. Glad you were able to get to TN and snuggle that sweet baby girl. Boo for it being way too short of a trip and an 8 hour drive though!!! Loving all the pictures. And that train ride looks like fun. Bet the boys loved it! I know mine would!

    1. Yeah, Mindi. They would. It's a real engine and a war veteran. :) The whistle is super loud - the boys loved it. It was a fun weekend.

  5. You certainly have a lot to smile about, though. Beautiful people in your life! :) PS: I love TN, and Dollywood! Looks like a fun time. [Visiting here from Coffee Jitters]

    1. I'm from Knoxville. :) Thanks for visiting!

  6. my week end was great. you have a lovely family. Boston wrench my heart too :-(

  7. Love all the pictures!!
    Your pooor poor phone! I did that to mine which resulted in an iPhone for Christmas last year.
    i agree, good friends are hard to find and keep in the same state!