Monday, February 18, 2013

v-day with my boys

Last year, I had big plans for how Valentine's Day would go and I remember that I was disappointed. (Oh, I just have to laugh looking back at that post.  And Dex was sooo tiny!) This year I had no expectations, procrastinated until the day before to buy the boys anything, and the day came and went just about like any other.  With a couple of exceptions -- 1.  Ryan's parents dropped by with bakery cupcakes for the boys.  2.  I did get them each a book and a store-bought, heart-shaped crispy rice treat.  Fancy, aren't I?

The crispy rice treats waited until Friday to be eaten, because those cupcakes deserved top billing for sure.  I'm not saying that I took a bite of Theo's and/or Dexter's.  I'm just saying I bet they were good. Pics!

They polished those puppies off in record time and were not interested in the books I got them at all.  Even though they both about made me cry when I read them to myself at Kohl's the day before. 

For Dexter:
For Theo:

Oh, right. Valentine's is supposed to be for us grown ups, too, right?  But doesn't everything kind of become about the kiddos once you have them?  We did get out for a nice dinner on Friday night by participating in a kid-swap with a couple of friends.  They watched our boys Friday night and we watched their boy Saturday night. I have to say that I enjoyed Saturday as much as Friday. It was just fun to have a friend over and watch the boys interact with their buddy. Must. Do. This. More often!

Hope your Valentine's Day was better than the average day. 



  1. You did more than us this valentines day. We did go out to eat....but that's because my parents invited us and they paid. ;)
    Kids swap? What a great idea!

  2. Your Valentine's Day was perfect! Even if the boys didn't care for their books, they will later I'm sure. And those cupcakes look divine. Nothing better than keeping it simple and enjoying the moments.