Saturday, February 16, 2013

our first Christmas

Oh, that's right.  This was Theo's third Christmas and Dexter's second.

But it felt like our first real Christmas.  It was important to me that we spent Christmas as a family, at our own home, on Christmas day.  I figured at 2 yrs and 9 months and smart as a whip, this would be the first year that Theo would really "get" it.  Santa.  Waiting until Christmas to open presents.  Leaving out treats for Santa and his reindeer on the fireplace hearth.

I had a lot of big ideas about traditions we would start this year and envisioned a picturesque scene of the gentle glow of our tree next to the crackling fire as we sat around on the floor nearby reading The Night Before Christmas and sipping hot cocoa, while wearing our coordinating Christmas Eve pajamas.

Well, per Theo's request, we ended up with LED lights that let off more of a neon illumination than a warm glow. Our fireplace is gas and does not crackle.  We don't have a mantle (yet) so the stockings were hung on the entertainment center. I was too tired to make hot cocoa and the boys had very little interest in The Night Before Christmas.  We did read it to each of them separately before they went to bed.  I threw some new pajama pants for myself and Ryan in the cart at Target a few days before Christmas and ordered the boys' from Carters a week before that because I couldn't find any in the stores by that point. So pieces of my vision fell into place but this house is not yet what we want it to be.  We'll get there eventually. Maybe.

Theo making some treats for the reindeer.

Our tree in our very blah, unfinished living room.

Puzzles from Santa.

Play table from Pop Pop and Nana.

Work bench from Grammy.

Regardless of what wasn't perfect, our "first" Christmas was.  Ryan's parents stayed the night with us so they could be there to watch the boys discover their gifts.  I cooked all day on Christmas Eve so that we could eat leftovers and lounge around in PJs on Christmas Day.  Wise thinking there, if I do say so myself.

Their faces were priceless.  They loved (almost) every gift.  I'm just not a proper mom if I don't give my kids some toothbrushes and socks for Christmas, right?

They woke up early and quickly discovered their unwrapped surprises.

Noticing their tiny Toy Story figures and some play food for their kitchen.

Trying out their new table.

And puzzles.

Just as I predicted, Dexter was pretty excited that Santa left him some cleaning supplies.


Watching a movie some hours after all the excitement.

We went to Cincinnati for New Year's weekend to celebrate Christmas with Ryan's sister and her family.  Then we went to Tennessee to celebrate with my family once Penelope was born.  That's about a 3 week long celebration!

With cousin Spencer.

More presents!

Aunt "Chelle"

Nana, Pop Pop, and their 3 very adorable grandsons.

So just short of 2 months AFTER Christmas, there you have it.  It was wonderful. Perfect just the way it was.  We'll always remember it.  One of my favorite things about it was that we were snowed in the day after Christmas, when we were supposed to go back to work. So we had an extra day, just the 4 of us, to continue celebrating, playing, and enjoying.  Perfect.



  1. I LOVE all of the photos!Who cares if they are a little late, they are super cute. It looks like the boys had a great Christmas with super cool presents. It is funny how we imagine how we would like things to be is usually far from what really happens but overall it looks like a good time was had!

    1. Thanks Brianne -- all the feelings and warmth that I imagined were better than expected so I guess it doesn't necessarily matter that some of that other STUFF didn't fall into place. :)

  2. It looks like they had a blast, perfect vision or not. I always have this perfect idea in my head and it never turns out like that, but it usually is BETTER. And I'm glad you held off the photos, it made Christmas last a little longer for me, too. :)