Sunday, February 3, 2013

conversations with Theo

This morning, Theo came into our bedroom with his pillow pet and his kanket and asked to get in bed with us.  I love these rare snuggles from my almost three year old boy so of course I obliged.  We were stretching our arms upward in the morning light and comparing the sizes of our hands.

Me:  Your hands are getting big.  One day they will be bigger than mommy's.  Did you know that?
Theo:  Uh huh! But I don't have a ring on like you and daddy.
Me:  That's true.  Do you know why?
Theo: Why?
Me:  Because you're not married.  Do you think you'll grow up and marry a girl someday?
Theo: I don't know.
{The future grandmother in} Me:  Then you can have lots of babies!
Theo:  You know what I'm gonna do when I get bigger?
Me:  What?
Theo:  Reach up in the cabinet and get my own snack and shut the door!
Me: Oh! Well, yes you will be able to do that when you get bigger.  What else?
Theo: Get the remote and turn on the t.v. and watch a movie!  And when I get big again, I'm gonna poop in the potty!

Hopefully not in that order.



  1. Hopefully NOT in that order. So cute!

  2. Love love love it. When I was little I told my parents I loved them so much that I would never leave them to get married. They told me one day I might meet a boy I loved very much and I might change my mind and leave them afterall. After a few seconds of contemplation I very seriously told them, "Fine. If I have to get married then I'll marry William (my brother) that way neither of us has to leave you!"

    Yeah... equal parts sweet and weird.

    Although it is pretty awesome to get your own snacks.

    1. Haha!! Love it Sarah! And get the remote. AND poop in the potty!