Thursday, February 28, 2013

first trip to the dentist

I figured since our pediatrician has asked us at Theo's last two check-ups if we have taken him to the dentist (and tried to push a local pediatric dentist's card on us when we said "no"), I ought to try to squeeze this in before his three year check up in a couple weeks. Disregard the fact that I'm freaking out because my BABY boy is almost THREE...

Anyway, what's "the" age to take a child to the dentist?  I've heard everything from when they get their first flippin' tooth to when they start school.  We're about halfway between and I guess these early visits can be considered trial runs for when he has more intense appointments in the future.

He went today.  I chose to take him to the dentist that Ryan and I go to for convenience, with an open mind that they may not do a great job with toddlers.  Can I still call him a toddler?  He seems too old for that.  I digress.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Theo. He did well, but he was not a fan of the gritty toothpaste or the bright light.  I was shocked at how well the staff did with Theo.  Above and beyond for sure.  If they had not been so great, maybe Theo would have not done as well as he did.  He just seemed like such a big boy sitting in that cool chair.  The hygienist let him go up and down as many times as he wanted. She showed him the x-ray machines and let him pick out his favorite Lightning McQueen toothbrush and let him push buttons on every single thing.  So kind and patient.

Helping suck the water out of daddy's mouth.
Getting a closer look.  Disregard that nice bedhead he's got going on.
Spraying the water in daddy's mouth. P.S. I was cracking up this whole time.  I'm sure Ryan thoroughly enjoyed having a 2 year old dental assistant today. 
Theo's turn!
Having second thoughts about this bib.
The light's a little bright, lady.
Being very cooperative!
Much better!

Helping Dr. Rob take another look at dad.
Checking out those pretty pearly whites in the mirror.

Got his picture on the Wall of Super Duper Patients.

Along with every other child patient they see.

Such a big boy. I don't know why this milestone feels like such a big deal - I guess maybe because it is coinciding with his 3rd birthday next Friday.  Crazy!  All I know is that I look at his long legs and engage in thoughtful conversation with him and it's hard to believe how much he's changed in three short years.  I just love this little boy. 



  1. Our doctor said by 3. We won't get her in until next year because she won't have dental insurance until then. She'll be 2.5 then. So I'd say your good. And even though my doctor says 3, he's mentioned it her last two appointments.
    Looks like he did great! Hope our first experience goes just as well. Although my doctor had a good laugh when telling me that would be on my to do list.

  2. Aw so cute. I still need to take Noah and take Xander back. I started taking Xander at 1 from recommendations from our doc. He HATES the dentist! He hates having his hair cut too. Such a sensitive guy. Poor kid. I can only hope Noah is a bit more cooperative. Love that you documented the visit fully!

  3. Looks like he did great! I am dreading taking Aubrey. Our pediatrician told us that we can take her anytime- she just turned 2, but we are waiting until my insurance renews so that we can add her to the policy- Luckily, that's 5 months from now!

  4. I am so impressed by Theo! It looks like he did great & that picture of him in the bib is priceless! I am dreading taking E, maybe because I dread going myself....

  5. We took Nellie to her first appointment just a few months shy of her 3rd birthday. She did well. Our pediatric dentist has two waiting rooms; one for parents, and a separate one for littles. As soon as you get there they take your kid back and leave you to wait in another room. I was nervous about that at first, but before I knew it she was marching proudly out with stickers, toothbrushes and a cup of ice cream (kind of counter-productive but whatever). Can't believe he's going to be three. Where the crap does the time go?

  6. Read your post and realized that my little guy will be 3 in 2 months and I haven't even thought about taking him to the dentist. Oops! I made sure I took my first child into the dentist right after she turned 2 (would've been sooner, but Hubby didn't see the point). I think this qualifies as Second Child Syndrome.

  7. How brave of Theo! I’m sure you’re one proud mommy. Not all kids at his age acts the same when on a dentist chair, especially on the first visit. I think it helps a lot seeing his dad go under a procedure first. That gave him the chance to see how things go.

    Kent @