Thursday, February 14, 2013

conversations with Theo: love fest & enough kids

In the car.

Dexter:  Mommy.
Me: What?
Dexter: Mommy.
Me:  What, Dexter?
Dexter: I dunno.
Me: You love me? Oh that's sweet. I love you too.
Theo: I love you, too!
Me: Awwww...thanks Theo! I love you, too. And do you love brother?
Theo: I love you, too, Dexter.  Do you love me AND Dexter, mommy?
Me:  I love ALLLLLLLLLLLL my babies. Soooo much!
Theo:  You don't have that many kids, mom.  You just have 2.
Me:  Well, that's true. But I love both of them a whole bunch.  Do you think I should have a lot of kids?
Theo: No.
Me:  Why not?  Don't you want another baby brother, or maybe a baby sister?
Theo:  No, mommy.  2 is enough for you.

Well. Hmmph.  What the hell is he really saying here?



  1. Oh Theo you are too much!! But you really want to have another, right?! :) Just saying!

  2. He doesn't know how wonderful it would be to have 2 siblings. :oP