Tuesday, February 5, 2013

conversations with Theo: boogers and boobies

Late last week I posted on Facebook that 3 amazing things happened on the way from the babysitter's house to our house.

1.  Theo wanted me to sing songs from The Little Mermaid, one after another.  THATSMUHBOY!
2.  Theo announced that he had picked his own booger!!  And then he gave it to me!!  What a treat.
3.  When I got Dexter out of the car, he too, presented his tiny little index finger with a small "boogah" on it as well. 

Thank goodness for older brothers teaching little brothers the way, right?  While this may seem trivial, it is indeed big news.  If you've ever caught a glimpse of a big crusty booger glued to the inside edge of a toddler's nostril, you know a few things -- it's GOT to come out & it's NOT going to be fun.  Those suckers rip nose hairs out and lots of screaming ensues.  It's fun for no one (but oh, the feeling of success when you release that monster). 

As with all fabulous developments like this....there's the inevitable backfire.

Two out of the last four nights, Theo has called to me from his room.  The first night it was 2 different times between 1 and 3 a.m., to inform me that he had picked a booger and needed me to get it off of his finger.  Last night, it was shortly after he went to bed. 

Theo: Moooommyyyyyy!  Mommmmmmyyyyyy!  I neeeeeed heeeeeelp. 
Me:  (After rushing into his room) What!  What's wrong honey?!
Theo: (Exasperated) There's a booger in my bed!!! 
Me:  OH NO! Where is it?
Theo:  I don't know, turn on the light!
Me: No, we don't want to wake Dexter. It probably fell on the floor.
Theo:  Nooooo it's in my bed!!!  We have to find it!!  We have to find it!!!
Me:  (I run my hand over the sheet and he's right, we had to get that out of there. I would not have been able to sleep with that thing in my bed either!) Here it is!  I got it! Eww, it's really hard and crusty.
Theo:  Yeah! And it tastes like a cracker.


Also last night, I was in my bedroom getting ready to go to the gym.  I was in the process of changing out of my regular bra into a sports bra when Theo strolled in.

Theo:  (through laughter) Why did you take your boob thang off?
Me:  I'm putting on a sports bra so I can go to the gym.
Theo:  Why do you have to wear a sports bra?
Me:  Because I'm a girl.
Theo: {blank stare}
Me:  Girls don't like their boobies wiggling and jiggling when they exercise.
Theo:  Daddy's boobs are different from yours.
Me:  Yep, they are.  Do you know why?
Theo: Why?
Me: Because daddy's a boy and mommy's a girl.  That's just one difference between boys and girls.
Theo:  I'm a boy.  I have little tiny boobies like daddy.




  1. Sounds like you and Theo have some pretty awesome and hilarious conversations! What a cutie.

    1. Oh just wait. Lily will be cracking you up like this in no time!