Wednesday, February 15, 2012

sometimes it's just not what you want it to be.

Sometimes it's more wonderful than you ever imagined. 

Other times it's just one disappointment after another.  Valentine's Day was one of these times.

I was picturing crap like this.  To be fair, this was taken just one day before Valentine's Day.

My expectations for Halloween were minimal and it was one of the unexpectedly happiest days I've had as a parent.  I could have called in sick to work after Trick or Treating because my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.  Yesterday, I pictured Valentine's Day hugs and kisses and snuggles and kids that eat their food, but didn't get much satisfaction. 

I picked up the kiddos from our babysitter and naturally, Theo threw his standard fit while I put his coat on.  Fit Number One.  All the way home he whined "I wanna see daddy" so I called R to tell him to make sure he's waiting for us when we get home so he can get Theo out of the carseat.  Apparently this is a big deal to our little one and he has been in a mommy mood lately, shouting "mommy dooooo it" anytime R tries to get him out of the carseat.  

So there's R, waiting to get him out and as soon as the door is open, Theo starts whining "mommy doooo it!" Fit Number Two. 

I made homemade pizza for dinner, because I thought that would be a fun treat for everyone (including myself -yum!).  While it was in the oven, I set up the boys' cards and presents from us, their grandparents, and their aunt & cousin.  Dumb me. I didn't think about the fact that there was candy involved.  Regrets (why didn't I just give him the frickin' candy before supper? It's Valentine's Day for crying out loud).  Fit Number Three. They did love all their little presents, and that made me and my mommy heart smile.

Dexter felt like crap and didn't want to eat.  Not only did he refuse his food, he did not want to sit at the table with the rest of us so we could eat.  In peace.  Meanwhile, Theo was fixated on candy and didn't want pizza.  At all.  Queue Fits Number Four and Five. 

Baths went okay.

Then there was the part about how the daddy tried to put Theo's jammies on and he screamed MOMMYYYYYYYY DOOOOOO IT!  Although he had no problem with daddy giving him a bath.  The kid is nuts.  Fit Number 62.

There were other catastrophes, like not being allowed to watch Doodle Bops and putting ointment on rashes and being told to clean up toys that elicited Fits 205-234. 
Oh, bedtime.  Let's not leave bedtime out.  Dexter couldn't have been happier to go to bed.  Theo couldn't have been more depressed.  Let's finish the night off with Fit Number 23 Jillion. 

Happy Flippin' Valentine's Day.

P.S.  I lost my lens cap for a couple hours, which resulted in turning the couches upside down and tearing the kitchen and living room apart.  And also? My amazing, kind, loving husband dug through the trash (that was already outside for morning pickup) looking for it.  Then I found it under an end table.  I'm pretty sure I didn't put it there for safe-keeping.  Perhaps a child or four-legged friend thought it would be a hilarious practical joke to play on mama.  Didn't laugh, not funny, you lose.

On a positive note, my sweetheart surprised me with some potted tulips and a nice card that made me cry.  Well, I don't know if the card made me cry or the culmination of events made me cry, but that card and those tulips somehow made things better. 

Today will be a better day.  Today will be a better day.  Today will be a better day.

Valentine's 2012 with the boys was a bust.  Luckily, the husband and I got to go on a date over the weekend that was a bit rushed, but completely perfect.  We don't need Valentine's Day to show each other that we care, but every once in a while we need a night without kids to reconnect and focus on the feelings that got us here in the first place. 

The moral of the story? Don't set the bar too high.  Have realistic expectations of your toddler and infant when you envision the perfect ____________ (insert whatever you wanted to be perfect here). 

Check and check.  Done.

At the end of the day, I know I am blessed beyond measure to have these three special guys in my life.  Fortunately, all my love eggs weren't in this heart-shaped basket.  There will be plenty of love to go around the rest of the year. 

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  1. Aww :-( Thank goodness for the tulips lol.
    ...You'll look back at the day and laugh i'm sure. Great pictures.
    Happy WW :-)

    TToria @