Tuesday, February 14, 2012

project 365 (feb 6-feb 13)

Project 365, Days 37-44

37/365: Having a strawberry snack.

38/365: Well, Hello Elmo!

39/365: Little banker.  He loved sorting my card money into new divided containers! (and he was pretty darn good at it, too).

40/365: There's always room for one more on mama's lap.

41/365: Sally & McQueen

42/365: Yummy Crochet hamburger (I can't find a link - the kit was on sale at B&N).  I am going to try to crochet some adorable play foods for the boys.

43/365: Nana loves Dex. Dex loves Nana.

44/365: His response to "Theo, say cheese!"

What's your favorite picture this week?  I think mine is day 43, Nana holding Dexter at a baby shower we went to in Ohio.  She just looks so pretty here!  I also like day 40, because I like having both of my boys close to me.

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