Sunday, February 19, 2012

the best thursday and friday in many moons.

R surprised me Thursday morning after I got off work when he texted and said he was working a half day and asked if I wanted to go get pizza for lunch.  Um? Yes!  I told him that the boys would be with us because I promised our babysitter I would come get them after I took a quick nap since, you know, she's 9 months pregnant and all.  So I hurried home, got my nap in, and picked up the babes.  We had a wonderful pizza lunch with two tired, silly billy boys.

While we were at lunch, R told me that he also took Friday off.  As much as I love being home with Dexter and Theo every Friday, it's always nice to have company, help, and extra time with my main squeeze.  What a surprise!  I was super excited.  

It's kind of hard trying to come up with things to do here in the winter.  I thought about the big library downtown but when I looked it up, I couldn't really see that anything was going on there.  Found LOTS of cute sounding classes for the boys through the week - you know, when I can't take them.  Boo to that.  Then I remembered the indoor playground and old-fashioned soda fountain about 45 minutes from home. We hadn't been there since July, so we decided to go back on Friday. Wow, it's crazy looking back at the pics from our last visit there.  Both boys are so much bigger now!

The boys slept all the way home and SURPRISE, they didn't want to take naps Friday afternoon, but who cares?  Shockingly enough, they weren't too bad considering the lack of sleep.  R's extra day and a half off felt like a little mini-vacation.  Wonder if he's thinking about getting that work schedule switched around? 

feelin' pretty happy, y'all. 

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  1. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful couple of days! It is always nice to have some surprise family time. :)