Monday, July 25, 2011

weekend fun

The last couple of weekends have been full of fun and friends.  I got to visit with my three best friends that I no longer live close to.  It's hard when the friends you relate to the most are the people that are the furthest away.

em. and L visited first, staying just a couple of days.  It was Em's first chance to spend quality time with Dexter and the first time she had seen Theo in action since March.  With em. being the superior photographer, I let her take the pictures while she was here and I don't have them yet.  We had a great time and a couple of pre-scheduled appointments meant that em. and L got to babysit for a couple of hours.  Theo and Dexter loved it...Mommy and Daddy might have loved it even more.  We certainly appreciated the help!

As soon as they left, it was time to get ready for a weekend at the in-laws' lake house with my college BFF, T, and her adorable family.

T has a sweet husband, S, and they have two beautiful children, G (5) and M (2). 

M and Theo had lots of fun playing together.

Both G and M loved loving on baby Dexter!  I guess Dexter didn't love it as much.  Party pooper.

And during the weekend, Theo discovered a couple of things that he loves, too.

Nana's front-loading washer...

and reading books in Dexter's bouncy seat. 

It was a great weekend.  Other favorite pics from the weekend:

Then, this past weekend, another BFF (named E) came to town.  I love how she jumps in like Dexter and Theo are her own kids and plays with them, diapers them, and does whatever else needs to be done.  Dexter has been getting happier and happier and I couldn't be more excited.  Just like last time when I was on maternity leave, it starts getting fun right around the time you have to go back to work. 

We went to an old-fashioned ice cream shoppe and soda fountain. 

Afterwards, we went to a large indoor playground.  Perfect for a hot, steamy summer afternoon. 
I climbed to the top of this crazy thing with Theo.  What?  It said ages 5-12 recommended.  

Hard to tell how hot and sweaty I was by this point.  Not Theo.  He could have stayed for hours.  

It's pretty challenging to travel with two babies, so I'm eternally grateful to my three best friends who made long trips to come see me and my little family.  Feeling pretty lucky these days.  


p.s.  Also feeling happy about finally getting a new computer.  Yes!

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