Saturday, July 9, 2011

"rough patch"

I started this blog (and named it "rough patch") on 6/28/11 with the following: 

I often remind myself not to compare Dexter to Theodore, but it's virtually impossible.  Daily, I'm surprised at how much is already so difficult to recall.  What did I do when Theo did this?  How old was Theo when he started doing this or stopped doing that?  Despite my efforts, I repeatedly find myself saying "Well, when Theo was 8 weeks he slept through the night for thr first time, so that must mean he was only waking up once a night by the time he was 6 weeks" or "I don't think Theo cried this much at this age."

Then I recall talking to the doctor (at Theo's 1 or 2 month appointment?) about colic and wondering if Theo had it.  I remember telling my mom that Theo must be the unhappiest baby in the world because he cried so much and asking myself "what am I doing wrong?" a hundred times a day.  And I look at him now and know that, while I may not do everything by the book, I have one of the sweetest, funniest, happiest little boys I can imagine.

Unfortunately, that's not always enough to ease my mind while in the throes of one of Dexter's fits.  Or enough to relax me when I'm up for the fourth time in as many hours during the night.  There are certainly similarities between Dexter and Theo at this wee stage, but some new challenges particularly because of Theo.

And today, 7/9/11, is the first time I've had a chance to complete my thoughts and this blog entry. 

So, since I started this blog 2 weeks ago, things have gotten better, although I didn't really get a chance to go into all the details.  I hate that I have not been able to blog because I have had so many things I wanted to jot down that I have already forgotten.  Dexter showed me his first sly smile at 4 weeks.  And yes, I'm sure it was a real smile.  Now, at 8 weeks and 1 day, he offers them freely and they make everything worthwhile.  About 2 weeks ago he scared me with the worst case of baby acne I have ever seen.  It came on so fast and seemed to be spreading rapidly so I quickly consulted with the pediatrician to ensure that baby acne was all that it was, and not an allergic reaction to something I was eating or putting on my skin.  The doctor explained that newborns between the age of 1 and 2 months go through a "mini-puberty" while the leftover hormones are leaving their bodies.  The acne cleared up as quickly as it came on.

We made a quick trip south to visit my family for the weekend of July 4th.  Dexter got to meet his aunt, uncle, and two first cousins and got to visit with Grammy again for the first time since he was 2 weeks old.  Surprisingly, Dexter slept A LOT in the car both ways and it didn't seem to affect his night sleep.  But when he was awake in the car...oof.  It was ugly.  He has a high need/desire to be held all. the. time.  Luckily he slept over half the way down there and back.

Theo is amazing me more each and every day.  I look at Dexter and wonder how this little lump of snugly goodness will learn so much in the next year.  We are having so much fun with Theo.  Every stage that he enters is better than the one before and I'm curious when that all starts to reverse or slow down.  I love to watch him learn and make connections.  He is talking nonstop now and repeats almost anything we say (good or bad).  He still barely says "mama" at home but the babysitter recently informed me that he has been saying it for months and will point to my picture on the family wall and say "mama" on command.  Little sneak.

Theo has been clingy to me ever since Dexter was born.  It's not to the point that it's bothersome but sometimes it's a little, when I'm nursing and he wants to lay across my lap or smother Dexter in hugs and kisses.

I have less than 4 weeks of maternity leave left and the bitter reality is setting in.  I'm trying not to focus on it but it's always in the back of my mind that this precious time is winding down.

Oh, something really fun was a couple of weeks ago when my friend and I took our toddler boys (same age) to the zoo while I left Dexter with his grandparents for the day.  I realized that for the majority of Theo's life I was pregnant and therefore haven't felt good enough or had enough energy to do a lot of fun things with him.  I had been miserable ever since he could walk.  It was so much fun doing an activity like that with him when I didn't have to worry about Dexter throwing a fit or needing to find a private place to nurse.  Of course I thought about how different things would have been up to this point had we not gotten pregnant with Dexter when we did, but when I picked Dexter up from Nana and Pop Pop, I was ready to snuggle with him and kiss the skin right off his little face.  I missed him during those 6 hours apart and I can't imagine having to wait another day to have him in our lives.

So, that's it in a many feelings and situations have come and gone and I hate that I haven't been able to keep up with every detail.  The problem has been our must be in remission today, because I haven't been able to get it to even turn on for almost a week.  The battery is just shot and we keep putting off getting a new one because I want to get a good (read: expensive) one that can easily handle processing high resolution photos and videos.  Anyway, I think we're close to getting a new one and then I will be bloggin' Betty once again.  And my blogs will feature photos of my cute boys much more often.  This dumb computer gets bogged down when I just upload photos to it, forget editing or doing anything else with them.

Oh.  And by the way, Dexter slept 8 hours on the day he turned 8 weeks old.  There's hope after all.

be back soon,

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