Monday, July 11, 2011


Over the weekend, both boys had a couple of big firsts.  On Sunday, we went to my husband's parents' house.  Nana and Pop Pop live on a small lake and one of the highlights of our summer is to spend time floating on rafts and taking pontoon boat rides.  Last year, Theo was too young to get in the lake, but this year we thought he should give it a try.  Theo just loved it and we were shocked that he lasted over an hour in the water.

He didn't fuss to get out but it was clear that he was tired so we took him up to the house to take a nap.  I wanted to check on Dexter anyway, who was hanging out inside with Nana.  He was lying on the activity gym that Theo loved so much as an infant, just looking and batting at the dangling toys.  Then, right there before my eyes, he flipped over from his back to his belly.  I could not believe it.  It's kind of funny that I had just asked the dada not too long ago if he thought it would be as exciting for us when Dexter started doing things as it was when Theo did them.   It was.  Nana had gone into the kitchen to work on dinner.  The little sneak is only 8 weeks old and he rolled over as effortlessly as if he had been doing it for months.  Naturally, I was the only witness and he refused to do it again.  But he did it.  I swear!

I love summer!

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