Monday, February 6, 2012

he's {almost} 2

Around this time last year, I was lamenting over Theo being a month shy of a year old.  That first year with him just flew by. 

Well...the second year hasn't gone any slower and here I am again, lamenting over the fact that my sweet baby is now a little toddler who is almost TWO years old.  On March 8th, I will have a two year old.  Guys.  Girls.  Do you know what that means?  This is huge.  I can no longer tell strangers that my baby is 20-however many months old.  There's a big difference in a one year old that is 13 months and one that is 23 months. 

Ohhh, deep sigh.

I imagine I will be crying over my computer a month before his 18th birthday, too.  Does it ever get any easier?  I thought 2 would be easier than 1.  This should be old news.  I look at pictures of my little 13 month old and pictures of my 23 month old and without me even realizing it, he's changed.  His chubby cheeks have thinned out (some) and his legs are longer.  He's gone from babbling a few words to saying sentences.  Having conversations with himself.  Watching his dad through the door into the garage, saying "What's daddy doing?  Daddy's moving the car.  In the garage."  HOW IS MY KID talking like this all of the sudden?

He picks up new phrases every week.  Last Friday we were at home and he was in a negotiating mood.  He had eaten a clementine and a bagel with cream cheese.  Apparently he was still hungry.

He said, "I want some crackers." 
I said, "Ummm, no.  You can have some cereal."
He said, "No, mom.  How 'bout some crackers?"

My jaw hit the floor.  I was so dumbfounded by his "how 'bout" that I said, "okay," and gave him the dang Cheez-its.  And when did he start calling me MOM? Is he 23 months or 12 years?

He does something every day that makes me want to pull my hair out.  He also does about 5 things every day that make me proud or melt my heart.  I just can't believe this kid is mine.  Do I know what I'm doing or am I just lucky?  Because y'all?  He's awesome. 

I couldn't have picked a cooler 23 month old if you'd given me a 5 million page catalog.  


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