Sunday, February 5, 2012

project 365 (jan 26-feb 5)

Project 365, Days 26-36

26/365: Tail lights in the rain

27/365: Toddler sizes.  Bye bye baby.

28/365: Fun with Friends at Super Bowl Village

29/365: Niko snuggled up on Theo's towel.

30/365: Tippy toes.

31/365: Best. Breakfast. Ever.

32/365: Little kitchen helper.

34/365: Theo's new Melissa & Doug game.  We play almost every day!

35/365: My sweet boy.

36/365: Cruisin' the Target toy aisles on Super Bowl Sunday.

It's been a busy week with all the Super Bowl festivities going on.  Dexter's 8 1/2 month pics (bet you didn't know there was such a thing!?).  Visitors from Nashville.  My favorite pictures in this post?  Probably 33 and 35. 

Which are yours?  


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