Monday, February 24, 2014

loads of love: valentine's 2014

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Valentine's Day 2012
Valentine's Day 2013

This year, Valentine's Day held a little something extra for us. Theo's first school Valentine's party.  After trudging through the the Pinterest-induced self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, I marched right into Target around February 12th and bought Theo those Star Wars Legos cards for $2 that I knew deep down he really wanted.  His party was on the 13th and everything so try not to give me any more credit than I deserve here.

He was pretty excited about them. The night before his party, we went through the list of every child in his class and he chose which card and sticker to give to each person. He helped sign his name on every card and he really got into it. It was adorable stuff like "well, Brady likes green so I think he would want Yoda."

When I picked up Theo from school, he was itching to show me all of his goodies. I held him off until we got home. Boy was on sugar overload for sure.

Since Ryan's parents had agreed to keep the boys all weekend, I knew we had to celebrate with them on Valentine's Eve. We had a quick and simple dinner followed by chocolate brownies with strawberry icing.

Finally, after dinner, we gave them little baskets that I'd quickly thrown together earlier in the day. For being in such a hurry, they were actually pretty cute and a big hit with the boys. A reminder that it doesn't take much to make them happy. A heart-shaped bead necklace, some Cheetos, a few Legos, and a couple pieces of candy and they were ecstatic.

On Valentine's Day, we got a LOT of snow. Ryan's parents braved it to come pick up the boys and drive them back to their house for the weekend so that we could carry on with our plans. 

Plans were slightly delayed due to having to dig our car out of the driveway when we got stuck!

We had a dinner double date with friends and then went to see Labor Day at the theater (we loved it!). 

Saturday we slept in, got massages, ate lunch, and later went to the Florida Georgia Line concert. The whole weekend was like one fantastic, super long date! It was bliss but we were ready to go get our baby boys on Sunday morning. We visited with Ryan's parents for a few hours to catch up and ended the weekend like all our others - stories and snuggles and sharing more love.

An amazing Valentine's for 2014! 


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