Wednesday, February 5, 2014

TGI-February - I fell apart and got frustrated

Good riddance to January. My post about sucky, sucky January is a little late but I was literally so angry towards the end of the month that it's probably better that I kept my mouth shut or hands tied or whichever term I should use relative to blogging.  It was terrible. Really.

I just wrote out a long post detailing everything that we went through in January. It was too much and no one wants to read all that. I don't think I want to read it again ten years from now; I lived it and I doubt I will ever be able to forget it.  Between snow, frigid temperatures, knee pain, and four separate and dreadful illnesses including 2 stomach bugs, strep throat, and , the flu (yes we all had flu shots) January can bite me. Flu shots can bite me, too.

With that being said, let's move forward. Let's focus on February. I'm still kind of mad because my fitness goals for 2014 are quickly going down the tubes.  My goal was to run 300 miles this year and between knee pain and everything else, I did not run the 25 miles that I needed to run in January in order to stay on track for meeting my year end goal. I know it's early in the year and I'm not giving up. Just being honest about where I am right now.  I only ran 14 miles so I've got a lot of making up to do.

Now if I could get out of my driveway (too much snow) I would go to the gym today and run.  Soon. I'm starting to accept that I might not reach the aggressive goal I set for myself, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. There's a lot of 2014 left. The great news is that with all the illness, I've lost four could be worse I guess.

Cheers to February. A little over a month before the beginning of Spring. The beginning of the end of winter.  Let's do this.



  1. I know you already have had strep this month - but hopefully the rest of the month is better.