Thursday, February 20, 2014

catch the moment 365: week seven


A sick-free week.  First one in quite some time and you can see that we actually were out and about a bit more from my pictures this week. I'm much happier with the seven photos and the story they tell this week than I have been the last few weeks, so I hope you enjoy them as well.

Problem with this project 365 thingy -- I have pretty much forsaken my blog altogether aside from this series.  Partly due to being sick a lot, but also because I think in my head I know that I am going to do at least 1 post a week with a brief update on life.  I need to get back to blogging on a regular basis.  Eventually.
I'm still enjoying this project, still looking forward to Spring and more interesting things to photograph.  Linking up with Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming, Mindi from Simply Stavish, and Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer for Catch the Moment 365.

43/365: February 12th: So my co-worker/friend and I were going to the mall for lunch and I wanted to stop to snap a picture of how much snow sits in every parking lot to show my sister. We'd been talking about how I never saw dirty snow or mountains of snow until I moved from Tennessee to Indiana.  Every time it snows in Tennessee, it melts before it has a chance to get gross.  Anyway, we just thought this was a little odd!  Sorry about your blanket...

44/365: February 13th. Theo showing Dexter and I all the loot from his Valentine's party at school. He was so excited to show us his little cards and treats. Truly one of the cutest things ever.

45/365: February 14th. Valentine's Day!  The snowiest Valentine's Day in Indianapolis' recorded history. As if we are trying to beat any more records this winter.  We did go out to dinner, but not before Ryan dug our stuck car out of the driveway.

46/365: February 15th. It was a kid-free weekend for us! Hurrah! We needed the break and the fun since the last couple of months have been rough on the whole fam.  Plus, Ryan's parents hadn't seen the boys since Christmas. Everyone was excited for our weekend plans.  Ryan and I got a couples massage on Saturday and then that night went to the Monumental Music Jam featuring Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line, and Brantley Gilbert.

47/365: February 16th.  We drove down to Nana and Pop Pop's (about 30 or 40 minutes away) to pick up the boys on Sunday. We were all happy to see each other and spend a few hours visiting. This little boy ... Dexter Jay... is named after his Pop Pop (Michael Jay) and he sure does love him. 

48/365: February 17th.  The grocery had been calling my name for about a week but I hadn't made time to go. All I could come up with for dinner was homemade chicken tenders and they did not disappoint. Theo told me "the next time you fix dinner, you should always make these." Sometimes the best meals are spur of the moment!

49/365: February 18th. On my way to work...this is what the Project 365 is all about for me. Capturing something beautiful or ordinary (or both) that I normally would not notice.  I literally stopped my car in the middle of the road (obviously after making sure no cars were anywhere in sight) and got out to snap this picture. Although it's annoying to carry my camera everywhere I go, this is why I do it! 

So, which picture is your favorite this week?  Mine? Hmm.. I really love this barn pic from Day 49, but also love my cutie boys on days 44 & 47. 

Feeling better, 


  1. Pop and Dexter... Steven loves chicken fingers too!!! I hate the mess

  2. The last photo looks awesome. I hear ya on dirty snow piles we have them in MN.

  3. Woohoo for a night away! Was the concert amazing?!!?