Monday, March 7, 2011

last day of the first year

What a weekend!

I don't have much time and there's so much to post updates on. 

I got the results of my gestational diabetes test back.

I have my 29 week check up today (although I won't be 29 weeks til Thursday).  How is that possible?

Last week I was thinking about all the milestones we've met with Theo this year and all the ones we didn' no trips to the ER, no fevers, no major injuries or illnesses, etc.  Well, we hit one of those milestones head on this weekend.  No. Fun.

We had his first birthday party and I got emotional at the most random moment. 

My best friend's little sister successfully gave birth via VBAC (Congrats, S!) to a beautiful baby girl Sunday morning.

Theo nearly stopped eating and drinking altogether and scared me half to death.  Triple M mode, people - major mommy meltdown.

I spent time with my wonderful family and great friends over the weekend.  I've been reflecting on how happy I am to be surrounded by the generous, kind, healthy people in my life.  It's so easy to take those qualities for granted.

Here's my baby boy on the last day of his first year:

So much more to come,

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