Thursday, March 3, 2011

12 kinds of random on a thursday

1.  I don't eat crust.  Pizza.  Pie.  Bread.  Chicken Pot Pie.  You name it.  I hate crust.

2.  Theo's babysitter sent me this picture the other day to show me the monkey he's been dragging around her house.  My response:  "Cute, but who is that little kid in the picture and where's my baby?"  He looks so big!

3.  I hate brushing my kid's teeth.  Maybe not as much as he hates it when I brush them, but I really hate it.  I never feel like I'm accomplishing anything (aside from torturing him).

4.  I like bargains, but I don't want to dig for them.  I wish I could be a thrift store shopper, but I don't have the patience.  I almost never pay full price for clothes or shoes, but the deals have to be neatly organized or I get flustered and flee the scene. 

5.  I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica.

6.  Sunshine, blue skies, and the smell of Spring make me happy.  Literally.  It's like a chemical reaction in my body.  I wouldn't say I get depressed in the Winter but I definitely get happy in the Spring.  Problems seem smaller, people seem friendlier.  I love Springtime. 

7.  On the sunshine and Costa Rica note, I'm dyyyying to go on a vacation.  I get sick of the same scenery and after so long, I start itching to see something new.  I'm hoping we can squeeze in a trip to somewhere new, but close, while I am on maternity leave. 

8.  I like my job.  I've been with the state for almost 4 years (how did THAT happen so fast?) and at my current position for almost a year and a half.  I like it.  I know a lot of people that can't say the same thing, so I feel really lucky.

9. Baby kicks can be kind of annoying while you're pregnant, but they are definitely the thing I miss the most about being pregnant.  Weird.  Same thing kinda goes for having this big giant belly.  It's annoying while it's here, but it makes me feel special.  I like seeing it in the mirror.  I miss seeing it when it's gone.  I'm trying to appreciate it more this time around.

10.  I'm done freaking out about Theo's birthday party.  Whatever happens happens and from here, it's out of my control.

11. On the birthday party note, two of Theo's BFFs also turn one this month (how good does it feel to FINALLY say it's March!?!?  Yes!  The month when Winter ends and Spring begins....hallelujah!) and I'm so excited for what's ahead for these three little boys.  I hope they'll be friends for a long, long time.

12.  A final birthday mom got Theo this wagon for his birthday.  We decided to test it out a few days early.  Can you say happy camper?

It's a big weekend, diabetes test and birthday party...wish me luck!



  1. Cute, cant wait to see him!! And you of course!

  2. I have a picture like that of Brandon in the wagon he got for his first birthday!! I'll have to get it out...also, I totally agree with everything you said on here....especially the bargain shopping thing and SPRING. Have a great day!