Wednesday, March 9, 2011

29 week check-up check-in

I found out last Friday, not to my surprise, that I failed my 3 hour glucose tolerance test, meaning that I have gestational diabetes.  I was disappointed, but not devastated like I was when I found out I had it with Theo.  I guess the genetic component is stronger than the environmental component.  My weight gain so far is still 17-17.5 pounds (no change in the last two weeks).  I don't anticipate gaining much more at this point since I'm on a pretty strict diet.  Hopefully I can remain a diet-controlled diabetic like I did last time.  I started checking my sugars on Saturday and so far I have only had one that was over my cutoff.  Shoulda known was after I ate a bowl of cereal.  I learned last time to say goodbye to cereal, orange juice, and any other sugary and delicious thing I crave.  

My abdomen measured 28-29 weeks and the baby's heart rate is still ranging in the 130-140s.  I was very happy after talking to the doctor this time.  She looked at the chart with my sugars so far and my weight gain and said that as long as both stay controlled, I have a good shot at a vaginal birth.  This was really the first appointment I've gone to when I didn't feel like she was pushing for a c-section (because of Theo's shoulder dystocia).  She said since I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she can induce at 38 weeks instead of 39 without doing an amnio.  She even mentioned inducing at 37 weeks in hopes of getting a smaller baby, but this would mean having an amnio to make sure the lungs are mature.  I'd like to avoid having an amnio if at all possible and 37 seems a little too early.  Ask me again when I'm 37 weeks, but right now I think I'd rather wait and let the baby cook for another week.  

Soo...if I have a baby at 38 weeks, we're looking at a 5/12/11 or 5/13/11 (Friday the 13th!) birthday.  That's only a little over 9 weeks away.  How much have we bought to prepare for this baby?  The answer is still "nothing" (with the exception of a couple girly outfits, which have a 50% chance of being useless).  Maybe we should get on that.  We need a crib, 2 convertible car seats for Theo, a double stroller, etc, etc, etc.  

When I was pregnant with Theo, I was never sick.  I've got my second cold in 5 months right now and I can't wait for it to go far, far away.  

Sniff, sniff, cough, cough,

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