Wednesday, March 16, 2011



back and forth.  back and forth.

Sometimes my mind/heart/gut tells me it's one or the other and within a matter of days, I'm entirely convinced of the opposite.  99% of my friends and family say it's a girl, but isn't that just because I already have a boy?  And how are they supposed to have any clue what it is when I, the mother who is carrying the baby inside my very own body, have no clue?  This is very confusing stuff, people. 

I have NO. CLUE.  Not even a hunch.

I am going to be completely surprised either way (and that's the point, right!?).  I think the dada thinks it's a girl because he won't talk about boy names hardly at all.  We are really hurting to come up with a boy name for this mystery baby.  The girl name was easy, although we've wavered here and there.  We literally have nothing for a boy name.  Nothing!  The kid is going to come home with a terrible name like... well, I won't say because undoubtedly whatever I blurt out will be the name of someone's favorite man and I will stick my fat foot in my mouth.

But you get the point.

I don't know what the gender of this baby is, but here are my thoughts based on nothing at all, old wives' tales, online quizzes, and total strangers' opinions.

Why I think it's a boy:
1.  Because although I feel different during this pregnancy, I don't feel that different and "they" say that every pregnancy is different anyway.
2.  The heartbeat is always 130s-140s, and so was Theo's.
3.  I am carrying low.  The baby feels high, especially when I'm sitting for hours and hours and he/she is kicking and pushing up into my ribs.  But when I look in the mirror, more of what I actually see is low. 
4.  I didn't notice much of a difference in the amount of morning sickness/nausea I experienced at the beginning.  Supposedly if it's a girl, I would have been sicker.  The nausea was different, but not distinctively worse. 

Why I think it's a girl:
1.  *TMI warning* (back away from the screen if that scares you at all).  I never had a period between babies so I couldn't calculate my due date based on that.  (That's right girls, I haven't had a period in almost 2 years and likely won't have one for much longer than that...don't be jeal, this kind of luxury comes at a price!).  I do know exactly when we conceived and when I calculated my due date by that, it should have been 5 days earlier.  That makes me think girl because I know that boy swimmers move fast and die young.  Girl swimmers are slow and resilient.  Therefore, the girl swimmer would/could have fertilized days after the conception date, resulting in a later due date.
2.  I am carrying more like a watermelon than a basketball.  Maybe it's too early carry to the baby like a basketball though because I think I eventually got to that point with Theo, but right now the bumpage looks more elongated.  Seems like this would have more to do with how the mama's built or how the baby's positioned than the gender of the baby.  Right?
3.  I have been moodier and more emotional/irrational/irritable during this pregnancy.  But that could be totally environmental, as there is a lot more stress and anxiety surrounding this pregnancy. 
4.  Odds.
5.  My pillow points south when I sleep (really!?).

So the only things that make good medical sense are the heartbeats and the conception/fertilization date scenario.  And they seem like equally valid cases, so I'm back to square one.  I know that we skipped finding out the sex for a reason, but it's just fun sometimes to try to make a prediction so that when the time comes, I can say "I told you so."  I'm still glad that we didn't find out, but I wish someone would make my husband talk about boy names, just in case. 


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