Monday, June 16, 2014

the weekend was just what we needed

Life with a 3 and 4 year old, not to mention a house that needs (and is semi-in-the-process-of) remodeling inside and out is busy and hectic to say the least. I feel like we are going, going, going nonstop but not with anything particularly substantial.  Ryan is working on the house and I'm trying to keep the boys busy and entertained. That's the story of our life lately. It was really. REALLY. fun (and needed) to connect with each other as a family of four, all while reconnecting with some friends we hadn't seen for far too long to live only 2 hours away.

We spent the weekend with Ryan's friend from school and his family. They live in beautiful town with lakes all over the place. We'd only visited in the winter before and didn't fully realize how lovely the surroundings were at the time. I think we're both looking forward to the (warm) day when we can visit again.

Saturday morning started off with a walk to the playground and throwing rocks into a retention pond across from it. That's just about all that kids need to be content. 

Such a sweet family.

Look at these two cuties (4 & 2) and their beautiful eyes! 

After a bit of playing, snacking, and loading up, we headed to their parents'/in-laws' lake house. Plenty to keep the kids, food, and more food.

Oh yeah. And swans.

Taking a cruise around the lake on the pontoon boat.

Little mister was thisclose to falling asleep while mom drove us around.

A milestone! Theo and Dexter got their first rides on a jet ski. And they LOVED it. I love that they are afraid of almost nothing.

Sole bit of photographic evidence that I was actually present.

I love her. I love her eyes. So beautiful. Inside and out.

Charmer. Life of the party. 

Perfection. Bliss. 

A long day winding down. 

Rides on the gator.

As we were loading up to head back to our friends' house, I had to get back out of the car to snap this quick photo.  Oh, to drive up to that view whenever we gorgeous, peaceful, and relaxing there.

So when we planned this weekend with our friends, I don't think any of us realized it was also Father's Day weekend.  In fact, I didn't realize it until last Monday. That's okay - I had time to throw together a book for Ryan with the boys help.  Read their answers to my Father's Day Q&A here. The book had the interviews, some recent photos, some artwork, and tickets to an upcoming pro soccer game. He was surprised, and I think pretty pleased! 

Sleepy boy on the stairs.

After enjoying a Father's Day Feast (I feel like we ate so much delicious food all weekend -- like literally nonstop "all weekend"), we went to a nearby park and then a cute ice cream shop.  The town has these lifelike bronze statues all around right now to promote a local community summer event, First Fridays. I wish I'd taken the time to walk around and photograph more of them.

Some great guys - and a great girl.

There was a little festival going on around the ice cream shop we visited so of course the kids had to play on the bounce houses for a few minutes before Ryan, me, and the boys headed back home. 

It was such a great weekend...returning home to all the chores that failed to get done was a bit of a disappointment after feeling like we'd been catered to by the best hosts all weekend long.  I think we might see how much rent they'd charge to let us just take over their basement...


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