Monday, June 23, 2014

making memories - that's what matters

I have been taking at least one picture a day since starting the Catch the Moment 365 photo project, but sometimes I will go almost a whole week before looking through the photos on my camera. Tonight I started feeling like I was getting way behind on sorting, deleting, and editing photos so I popped my memory card in the computer and starting scrolling through.

Now, I know that last Thursday was...well, just last Thursday.  But my heart swelled a little and I got a little lump in my throat as I clicked through the pictures below.  My mom drove 6 hours to visit my grandma then drove her another 2 hours in pouring rain and rush hour traffic to my house for dinner. Usually, we are visiting her so it felt like a treat and honor to have her in my home. This sweet lady turned 80 last week.

Their mutual joy... I almost can't take it.

Our little visit was short and sweet. My grandma became a widow almost two years ago and while she is a healthy lady, it's impossible to ignore the awareness that every visit with her is precious. I want my boys to remember her presence, be in pictures with her, and have sweet memories of her kind personality. When Ryan and I met, we had all 4 of our parents and 7 out of 8 grandparents.  Now my grandma is 'our' only grandparent (and the boys' only great-grandparent) and my dad is gone.

Life is so short. Celebrate. Say yes. The dishes can wait. Spend time together.  I'm not going to remember the chores that didn't get done...I bet you won't either.


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