Sunday, June 1, 2014

memorial day weekend 2014

We traveled down to Tennessee to see my mom for the long Memorial weekend. In the couple of days leading up to the trip, I started dreading the drive there and back, assuming I-65 and I-75 would be jam-packed with other travelers. Luckily it wasn't too bad and we made good time going both ways.

We got there late Friday night. First thing on my agenda for Saturday was to drop off my rings to get that missing diamond replaced.  I am getting them sized down and a couple other little things done so I've been without them for a week now. Feels like part of me is missing! Can't wait to get them back on my finger, fitting and looking better than ever. Nothing like an extreme close-up of your wrinkles to get you feeling really old...

My mom runs the office at a propane gas company and they just moved into their beautiful new facility so we were excited to get the full tour. 

Afterwards, we went to the duck pond to feed the ducks and geese, then played for a bit before going to grab some lunch at my favorite local /small chain restaurant, Petro's. A must-do attraction EVERY time I'm in town. The boys were melting down by the time we ate lunch so I wasn't in the mood to try to take pics of that delicious meal.

Ready to feed the duckies!

The rest of the day was perfect for relaxing at my mom's and decorating a cake with jelly beans. 

Sunday we ate at another of my favorite local restaurants. Why am I so obsessed with food?

After lunch, we just went to the mall and Target. Typical Sunday, regardless of where we are, right?  We'd actually planned on going to a cute park but it started to rain just as we left Riverview Grill.  Rats. 

I didn't take many pictures on Sunday. We spent the evening hanging out at mom's. Coloring. Eating. Watching TV.  See, typical Sunday!

Monday - Memorial Day - we took another shot at that park and it was a great time to go. There was almost no one there when we got there around 10am.  

After playing, we grabbed lunch at yet another local delight by the interstate - Harrison's Grill. One of those experiences that exceeds every expectation. Good prices, great food. Everyone loved their meal. The boys behaved and cleaned their plates.  After only eating so-so all weekend, I was glad to see them get some goodness in their bellies before the long drive home.  We ended a great, albeit short, trip on a good note and hit the road to get back home. 


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