Thursday, June 12, 2014

catch the moment 365: week twenty-three

Almost halfway through the year and this project. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Sorry for yelling at you, guys. I'm just in disbelief. Earlier this week, I posted a blog about a fun summer festival we always go to.  I linked back to the blog posts from the same festival from 2012 and 2013.  I guess I'm feeling a little sentimental and wishing, wishing, wishing that time would slow down JUST a little bit. Seeing how much the boys change in one year, and especially over TWO years, is mind-blowing. Especially since it feels like just yesterday when we first discovered our little strawberry fest.

Okay, okay. Enough whining and crying and belly-aching.  It's been another fun and busy summer week.  I am loving this time of year and subsequently, this stage of the 365 project. Great summer light and doing much more than sitting inside playing Legos. Yessss. Finally.

Linking up again this week with the three co-hosts leading this project and Facebook group, Mindi from Simply Stavish, Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming, and Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer. Don't forget -- it's never to late to join in! You can start a Project365 any day of the year!

155/365: June 4, 2014. Just acting silly between arriving home from the sitter and heading to the YMCA to burn some energy.  Dexter suddenly became obsessed with that blue bus he got as a souvenir from Disney World. Just as quickly, he's over it. Dang.

156/365: June 5th. Quick trip to a new (to us) park we'd never been to before. Theo loves swinging. Dexter does not. Presents quite the conundrum when I take them by myself and Theo wants me to push him and Dexter is roaming off, climbing up some huge contraption.  Somehow we balance it all out.

157/365: June 6th. About an hour after I got to work Friday morning, I thought to check the FedEx tracking number for my wedding rings that were being shipped back from the jeweler in Tennessee. While at the jeweler, we had them size and solder the rings together. They replaced all four outermost prongs due to normal wear and tear.  They also did an amazing job cleaning them. Now I can't stop staring at my pretty rings!

158/365: June 7th. First trip to the pool in 2014 was a smashing success.  That is an extreme grin if I've ever seen one.  What a great day at the pool...marked by the first time I didn't have to worry about them running off, chase after them around, or constantly remind them not to run, not to take someone else's toy, or splash grown ups in the face. Hallelujah! 

159/365: June 8th. Some sweet neighbors down the street have boys a few years older than ours.  The mom has delivered previously enjoyed toys and art supplies to us several times.  On Sunday we decided to try this paint spinner thingamabob and it was really fun!  We ran out of paint. Otherwise, I think the boys would have made little masterpieces all day long.

160/365: June 9th. We watched our friends' kids so they could enjoy a fancy anniversary dinner out. We walked to a nearby park, where I snapped this pic of 5 year old M running through a field.

161/365: June 10th. First night ever of soccer clinics. That was interesting to say the least!  Seeing 3-5 year olds stretching and trying to lead each other was pretty adorable. Unfortunately my boys were tired from staying up too late the night before and checked out about halfway through the 45 minute session. 

This week, I think my favorite picture is the one of my wedding rings. Words just can't express how happy I am to have them back. It had been about a month since the diamond fell out of my wedding band so that was definitely the longest I've gone in almost 11 years without wearing it. Now I feel complete once again. I also love the look on Theo's face at the soccer clinic (day 161). Doesn't he just look like he's up to no good?

Which photo is your favorite from this week?  


  1. I love the picture with the squares of paint when they were playing with the paint spinner. I also love the swimming picture. His smile is wonderful in that shot.

    1. Thank you!! That spinner turned out to be pretty fun for a little hand me down gift. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I can't believe how sparkly and clean they are...or rather, how dirty I had let them get.

  3. Wow your rings are beautiful!! Looks like you had a fun week!

  4. I really like the swimming pic so much! I love when kids are so happy in the pool, they just look so joyful! :)

  5. Your rings are pretty. I get mine replated once a year and always stare at them for about a week afterwards.

  6. Love the pool shot, and I always wanted (but never had) a paint spinner thingy as a kid ;)

  7. Great pictures! I love the swimming pool one!