Monday, August 6, 2012

ready for change?

Well, well, well.  A few things have changed since I last wrote.  Like, oh, you know, we got a new house and I got a new job.

What the what!

Yep, we closed on our house (seen here and here) a couple of weeks ago.  Some issues came up (I'll talk more about later, maybe) so we weren't able to start in on our remodeling right away.  Sunday we said to heck with it and decided to move forward.

And I wasn't looking for a job.  I worked in child welfare for 6 years and had no immediate plans of going anywhere else.  But another social work job in the mental health field found it's way to me and I couldn't pass it up.  No more night shift!  I'm going back to living like normal people instead of vampires.  Somebody say woot!  I start in a couple of weeks.  My new employer was kind enough to allow me some time to work on our house.

I have been so preoccupied and busy that I haven't had much time to write.  Not a lot has changed with the boys, other than growing taller and smarter and older every day.  Theo sounds too old, saying things that he hears grown-ups say, like "last week I was at the store and I saw something and then I went to the car and probably saw everything everywhere..." and on and on and on.  I just love listening to his stories about nothing at all.  Dex is starting to try more and more words when prompted but I don't feel like he says them independently as much as Theo did at about 15 months.  Hard to remember these things!

SO... back to the HOUSE.  I'm excited about the changes we've made so far with Ryan's dad's help.  We've got lots of bright ideas and it seems like everything is top priority.  Who knows when we'll ever get it all done.  Here are a couple of before/after photos so far.

Front door:


(more of a "during" than an "after" pic)
Boys' bathroom (in progress): 
Shower door removed

Cabinet doors removed 
I'm staining the cabinets black. So far, so good!

Ryan's dad taking out some of the tile.

Ready to take the old tub out and put a new one in.

Obviously the bathroom is where we are spending the most of our energy right now.  Can't wait to see the finished product and share it with you!  

Finally - our other big project, the kitchen. 
With carpet, appliance shed (corner), and brick backsplash.

Ryan's dad, getting me started on tearing out the brick.

No brick, no appliance shed!  Looking so much better already.

So there you have it, that's what we/I have been up to.  What do you think about the changes we're making so far? 

miss you!

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