Thursday, December 29, 2011

a quick hello

I had hoped to post a big photoblog full of wonderful pictures of my sweet boys opening their gifts on Christmas Eve (because that's how we roll in Tennessee at Christmas time), but unfortunately there aren't many photos to share.  I'm so sad about that.  My hands were full of babies from the time we got there Thursday afternoon until the time we left Monday afternoon.  I hate how hard it can be sometimes, staying somewhere away from home.  It hasn't deterred us from going, going, going, and eventually I know it will get easier.  But for now, we are busy bees trying to keep the kids from destroying one thing or choking on another.  Now that Dexter's so good at getting around, we have to keep an eagle eye on him! 

There are a handful of pictures that I will post when I get a chance. 

This coming weekend we are celebrating Christmas with R's family and I'll be sure to focus (unintended pun, ha!) on taking more pictures.  Just because they aren't taken on Christmas, doesn't mean they aren't of Christmas, right?

Anyway, Theo picked up on what to do real quick and repeatedly asked "open presents? more present?" all weekend.  He got a little overwhelmed with all the new stuff and wasn't quite sure what to play with.  We may have gotten him too many older kid toys because he seems to be most interested in everything we got Dexter.  So in real life, it's like we bought Dexter nothing and Theo everything on Earth. 

I will at least post some pics of their favorite gifts (and maybe mine, too!). 

Did you have a favorite gift this year?

one down and one to go,

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