Friday, December 2, 2011

i'm cupe

We ask Theo, "are you cute?"
He answers, "I'm cupe." 

We ask Theo, "are you smart?"
He answers, "I'm marts."

He used to call his favorite blanket "kanket"...but it's recently turned into "banky."  I prefer kanket because it's more original and more fun to say.  We're still pushing kanket.

I showed up to the babysitter's house the other day and he informs me "Iwungohooome n wash tee-vee."  I swear, we don't let him watch more than 30 minutes a day.  

We ask, "are you hungry?"
He answers "Hungy! I chair" and goes to his high chair.

When he thinks of something or sees something he wants, "I wun-sum!"

"Hey Theo, you wanna take a bath?"
"Bash! Bash? I wun bash!" as he takes off down the hall to the bathroom.  Or bashroom.  Whatever.

He adds "Iwunna" or "I'mgonna" to lots of things now.  Sentences! How can my baby already be talking in sentences, guys?

He gets near the stove and says "Cook? Hot! Burn? Cwy!" in no particular order.  Something similar around fireplaces and lit candles (without the "cook" part). 

Oh, speaking of crying, he now announces to us when he's throwing a fit (as if we couldn't tell) by stopping mid-wail and saying "I CWYYYY."  No joke?  Hadn't noticed.

He adds extra syllables.  Like the word "room" - just one syllable, right?  Wrong.  Reee-ooom.  He notices from down the hall that his bedroom light isn't on, "reee-ooom dock. yight?"  "Yes, honey.  I'll turn on your yight."

Oh, and "poop"... peee-oooop. 

The boppy that I place around Dexter's bum for support while he's sitting on the floor has somehow become "bocky."  While Dex is sitting on the floor playing, there's this one toy that Theo always brings Dexter.  Most toys in our house are/were originally Theo's and Theo knows it.  So he thinks Dex should be playing with that toy and that toy only.  Or that "tay" as Theo calls it as he's giving it to Dexy.

And speaking of Dex.  Theo used to call him "Deh-durr" but that has turned into "Dex."  Can't even get him to say Deh-durr when we offer him cash.  Just Dex now. 

I'll be feeding Dexter and Theo will see me, point to my ta-ta's and say "boovies!" with a devilish grin.  Kinda creepy, almost.  He also recognizes my pump, pump shields, bottles, etc. and associates all of it with "boovies." 

The boys love their Uncle Steve.  It's a mystery, but Theo insists on calling him "Uncle Jeans."  Uncle Jeans is the only African-American adult male in our family.  We have a Charles Barkley book on our bookshelf.  Theo points to it frequently and says "Uncle Jeans?"  Bahahaha.

And my favorite...

Me:  "Theo.  Guess what?  Hey Theo.  I have to tell you something."
Theo:  "I yuh you, too!"

Think I tell him I love him too much?  Impossible. 



  1. How stinkin cute are all these things he's saying??!!!! Don't you just love it! I absolutely love their own spin they put on words, kinda makes me wish they wouldn't move out of that way of speaking so quickly!

  2. How cute are all these things he is saying. I loved reading them. I do a sat kids laugh post every sat. You should definitely link up one of these weeks. Your blog is perfect for the kink up. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Thanks Melissa!! I do enjoy the top 5 laughs, but I never feel like I have anything cute or funny to say! I will work on that. :) as always, thanks for reading and commenting!
    And Suz, YES love it all. Every second. Okay not EVERY second, haha. :)

  4. I hear these everyday, but it's still hilarious to read them and "hear" them in my head. Thanks!

  5. I forgot to add one. We'll take his shirt off and he will lightly tickle himself or tell us to tickle him. And he'll whisper "kickle, kickle, kickle" as he lays real still. SO CUPE!