Tuesday, December 13, 2011

jimi hendrix said it best

 when he said:

Wild thing.

You make my heart sing.

You make everything.


 I have been calling Theo my little wild thing here lately, and rightfully so.  He is something else.  I love asking him, "Theo are you crazy?"
"I cwazy."

"Theo are you silly?"
"I sih-yee."

"Are you wild?"
"I while."

"Are you happy?"
"I hat-tee."

This right here?  This makes my heart sing.
My babies, playing together.

My babies, plotting against Niko together.

My babies, digging for toys together.

My baby, crawling.

My baby, in Santa jammies. 

Because it really is the small things in life, you know what I mean?  I find myself feeling full of joy for no reason at all sometimes.  No reason other than what you see in these pictures.  Everyday things.  The little things.  The wonder in their eyes.  Their fascination with ordinary things.  I find myself getting really excited about future Christmases - those precious few that they do believe in Santa.  The mornings when they stand by the bed, begging us to get up and open presents. 

Yeah.  I think that will make my heart sing, too.



  1. What precious little angels! I remember when mine were this young...gosh they grow up so fast!