Monday, December 19, 2011

holiday cheer photobliggy

Somehow, one way or another, we managed to have no plans this weekend.  Nothing but a Saturday morning haircut for Theo.  The only other goal was to see Santa and get the boys their Christmas ornaments.  When I was little I got a new, personalized brass ornament every year with my name engraved on it.  I don't know where you get those anymore, but I wanted to carry on the tradition in our own way. 

By the way, Theo is so funny with the decorations.  We have the big Christmas tree in the living room.  One little Christmas tree in each of their bedrooms.  A strand of lights on the entertainment center and small paper lanterns hanging beneath the mantle.  We have a lighted ceramic snow house that R's grandma painted.  A string of snowflake LEDs around the sliding glass door in the kitchen.  When we get home from anywhere...every light must be turned on.  Nothing else can be done until every bulb is glowing. 

Decorations Inspector Theodore, reporting for duty.

We got the presents wrapped and the new ornaments hung.

Apparently everyone Theo sees on a regular basis has been singing Jingle Bells to him.  He's decided it's his all-time favorite song, ever, in the history of songs - Christmas or not - and he thinks it's hilarious when anyone sings those silly words.  He laughs and waits til you finish before shouting "More! Again!" I think this is the first song I have heard him actually sing.  His voice gets so soft and sweet.  Jinkle bells! Jinkle bells! Jinkle bells! Hey!

One other little thing about that boy.  I sing Rock-a-bye Baby to Dexter some times while sitting in the glider with him.  Theo followed me into Dexter's room Saturday and started pushing the glider back and forth, softly singing Rock, Rock, Rock, baby.  My heart might have turned into goo a little bit right then.   

Alas, despite my very best blackmails and bribes, Dexter just refuses to ssslooow down. 

Hey guys, I'll just be standing around somewhere if you need me.


 Holy crap, I love these kids.  Have I ever mentioned that?

I would say our Santa visit was pretty successful.  I always thought I would make my kids sit on his lap, no matter what, just for the sake of a good funny photo, but I think I had a change of heart.  There was a little girl, maybe six months or a year older than Theo, that was throwing a fit because she was scared.  She was doing that real UGLY cry.  You know the one.  You've seen it.  Her mom was trying to put her on Santa's knee and the poor child must have had mommy magnets on her hands and feet, because none of those appendages would part ways with the mother.  I felt super sorry for her - I don't think I could make my kid do it if he was that upset.

Theo sank right into Santa's pillow belly and could have stayed all night.  Dexter did fine at first, then started panicking a little.  Never cried though. 

 Better than last year.  Remember Theo's blank stare? (Same Santa, did you notice?)

Just a couple more, then I'll wrap it up.

Finally, it was Sunday afternoon. Dexter was lying across my lap smiling and being silly when, lo and behold, there it was.  The culmination of all that drooling and gnawing and the answer to those poofy swollen gums I had noticed on Friday. 

A line.

(disregard the dried, crusty baby food.  I bet you don't look so hot in an extreme close-up either)

Little Desser (Theo's current pronunciation) is getting teeth.  The next few days nights should be hell interesting.  All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, huh?  Man, I wish I had known.  Wouldn't have bought you so many presents, kid. (Lies). 

less than a week til Christmas!

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