Saturday, June 9, 2012

major developments and a new normal

May 29, 2012.

That's the day the babysitter sent me the text saying that Theo told her that he had to pee in the potty.  The difference was that this time, he did it.  And afterwards he refused to put a diaper back on.  Underwears it is, young man.

Underwears it is.  We went to the store(s) so he could pick some out that night.  Apparently 2T underwear are hard to find.  He has about one accident a day.  We encourage him to wear underwear at home as much as possible.  There are constant reminders and nudges..."do you need to potty?" "do you feel like you could pee soon?" "don't forget to tell someone if you have to potty."  "remember to keep your underwears clean and dry."

Yes, he calls them his underwearS.  He's doing really well, overall.  I always said I wasn't going to rush it, wouldn't start pushing it until he was at least 2 and a 1/2.  I'm letting him lead the way.  If he doesn't want to wear underwear, I don't make him.  What's the point?  I feel like he's made a lot of progress in a little time, on his own accord in the past week and a half.  I'm so proud of my underwears-wearin' kid!  And yeah, sometimes he also refuses to wear pants.

Oh, there are rules.  No underwears to bed or in the car.  So if we have a day where we're gone a lot, there are no underwear.  He understands, he gets it.

We've been living at Nana and Pop Pop's while continuing to look for a place of our own.  Closing on our house went smoothly and now we are just weighing the pros and cons of buying an existing home versus building a brand new one.  It's a lot to think about.  In the meantime, we're enjoying the amenities here, like Nana's big whirlpool tub!

Bubble beard! 


Bathtub mohawk.

We're adjusting and trying to find a new normal.  We're hoping for a new place to call our own very soon.  


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