Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Project 365 (mar 19 - apr 4)

Days 79-94

Fail again.  I don't know what's changed, exactly, but the time I have to spend on this blog is withering away.  I've had several things I've wanted to write about but couldn't find an hour here or there to sit down and do it.  One thing that has changed is the weather and we're spending a lot more time outside.  I got to enjoy a nice week off work and we spent as much of it outside as possible.

Another big change is coming.  We've been meeting with a realtor and home stager and getting our house ready to list.  Finally.  We've only been talking about it since before I knew I was pregnant with Dexter.  We're finally ready to take the plunge.  Keep your fingers crossed that someone falls in love with our house the way that we did and that we find one we love just as much in perfect timing.

79/365: Happy boy.

80/365: Zoo day and the animals were out!

81/365: A cutie niece and a very sleepy Theo at the park

82/365: More cute niece

83/365: Theo got a B&N giftcard for his birthday and was pretty happy with his selection! A coloring book with crayons. 

84/365: Feeding Uncle Joe's alpacas with Grammy.

85/365: my laundry nightmare. It's never ending. My couch looks like this most of the time.

86/365: me catching daddy catching Dexter being funny. (See? Laundry is still there, but at least some of it got folded).

87/365: Words with Friends.  Addicted. 

88/365: Theo discovers the beauty in driving with the windows rolled down...

89/365: and the red puffy eyes that follow.  Apparently our dear boy has seasonal allergies! :(

90/365: Dexter decided to get a mouthful of teeth over a two week period.  Ouch. 

91/365: One of our home staging projects completed: Paint the wall in the laundry "room" green.

92/365:  Project 365 FAIL number 2.  I was too busy to take any pictures on Sunday 4/1/12.

93/365: Theo playing with daddy's video game steering wheel. 

93/365: Another home staging hang a mirror over the couch.  And I'm ready for the Pacers game!

94/365: we love coloring!

So that's what we've been up to.  What have you been up to? 


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