Sunday, April 8, 2012

an adorable hat and a juicy apple

R's talented mama knitted up this little hat after I mentioned that I'd seen a cute crocheted one at a local toy store.  Isn't it so sweet?

The model is pretty cute too, if I do say so myself. 

There's just something magical about dandelions.

Have you seen all the teeth this dude is sporting lately?

Theo insists on eating everything "big" these days.  I start to cut his toast in half and he says "no mommy, I wanna BIG one."  I go to slice his apple into slivers and he says "no mommy, I wanna BIG one."  

Okay, little boy.  I get it.  You're getting pretty big. 

He carried that juicy, messy apple around, nibbling on it for a half hour or more.  

The highlights of my Friday and Saturday, folks.  Not too shabby. 

Happy Easter.

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