Wednesday, May 4, 2011

or maybe?

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Or maybe, just maybe, having our babies this close together will be the best thing we've ever done.  Maybe one day we'll look back and say that we couldn't have imagined it any other way.  Maybe one or both of us would have lost our fertility otherwise or maybe, just maybe, we would have never "decided" that the time was right to have another baby.  Maybe the babies will be the best of buddies and provide each other with years and years of companionship.  Maybe Theo will take to the baby right away and somehow understand that he or she requires a gentler touch.  Maybe it will be no time at all before having a baby brother or sister is all Theo can remember.  Maybe one day he will appreciate that we gave him a sibling close enough in age to be his very best friend. 

Maybe this (vaginal) birth will go smoother than the last one.  Maybe the shoulder dystocia last time had nothing to do with my gestational diabetes and this baby will decide to come out less...traumatically (for both of us).  Maybe this baby will latch right on and I won't have to go through the torture of teaching a newborn (and myself) how to breastfeed.  Maybe this baby will have a calm, happy personality and will sleep through the night at a young age like Theo did.  Maybe we will get lucky (again).  Or maybe we already have.

Maybe this baby will make our family complete.  (Maybe not).  Maybe sharing the responsibility and honor of parenting two children will bring us closer.  Maybe things will all work out (because really, what's the alternative?).  Maybe we'll find that living in that tiny house for just a bit longer opened doors that we would've otherwise missed.  Maybe, amidst all the chaos, we will take family vacations and lots of pictures and relish the fleeting moments that we have to spend with our kids.

Maybe, just maybe, we'll realize what a gift it is to be parents.  (Maybe we already do).  Maybe we'll make the most of each experience, agonizing and rewarding alike.  Maybe we'll look at this baby, just like we look at Theo, and think proudly to ourselves we did that...we made that...we're like...magical sorcerers who can make the bestest, cutest, coolest kids ever

Just maybe,


  1. Much better!! There will be lots of love, fights, laughter, & tears...but it will be the ride of your life. A beautiful one. : )

    Love you,

  2. it'll be awesome. me and my sisters used to tell our mom we wished she'd had us closer together than three years apart. we lived in a teeny house and it was ... a little crowded but, it was cozy and comfy. so you'll be fine. we were and we had one less parent than you do and one more baby than you do.