Monday, April 4, 2011

lazy bliss

This weekend was the first weekend in I-dont-know-how-long (long time) that we had no plans and made no plans and saw no one but each other.  Me, my baby, and my boo.  Just the three of us.  Well, I guess I should start counting this itty bitty belly-boo, too.  So it was the four of us.  Okay, if you want to get technical, we spent a lot of time with the cats.  So 6 of us. 

When I say I-don't-know-how-long, I mean months.  I know it was before holidays, and if it was before the holidays, it was WAY before the holidays because November and December are always jam-packed.  I think we need to make plans to make no plans more often.  It was really refreshing to surround myself with my little family.  (I love how that sounds).  I love our extended families and our friends and cherish the time that we get to spend with them but the time alone (together) was immeasurably valuable. 

We did a whole lot of nothing...we ran errands, bought groceries, went clothes shopping, and exchanged Theo's convertible car seat.  We cooked dinners and went for walks.  We enjoyed the amazing 78 degree temps.  After the babe went to bed we played Donkey Kong Country on the Wii and watched DVR.  It was bliss.  Lazy, unproductive, happy bliss. 

This weekend I thought about the fact that this (32+ wks) was about how far along I was with Theo when I started thinking (er, stressing) about what to pack in my hospital bag.  That makes it seem so much more real and so much more...soon.  So much more...ohmygodisthisreallyhappening!?  Sometimes, when I'm unbelievably tired, I wonder if this was a huge mistake, having another baby so soon.  But then I think about how much I love being a mom and having a son and seeing my husband as a dad.  I think about how lucky we were to get pregnant so easily this time.  I think about how I wish the people we're close to had the same good fortune.  It's a lot harder to complain about it when I think about how badly I wanted it with Theo and how a couple friends of mine now have been trying for three times as long as it took us to get there with him.

Only 5 weeks and a few days to go, supposing I still get induced at 38 weeks.  I've been managing my diabetes well, so hopefully that will continue as I progress.  I feel like my stomach just got huge in the last week or two.  It must have because I've started getting the stranger comments and stranger stares.  (And because now the baby is allegedly packing on about a half pound per week!)

*wince* "Oh honey, how much longer?"

"Oh my old is your little boy?  And when are you due!?"

"Well you look great to be so far along!"  (WTH is this?!  Some sort of backhanded compliment, I do believe).

*grimace* "How far along are you?"

I'm taking it all in stride.  I know this phase of my life is quickly flying past me.  And I know that all of the discomforts of pregnancy will soon be a memory.  I'll be trying to remember exactly what those taps, kicks, and pushes felt like and just what this big belly looked like. 

Thank goodness it's getting warm enough to wear flip-flops now because I think my shoestring-tying days are over. 


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