Friday, November 19, 2010

Open Adoption, anyone?

NO! I'm not talking about my baby-to-be, silly.  Although, if I were planning an adoption for my unborn child, I certainly wouldn't think twice about choosing this forever family for my child.  I know that he or she would be loved endlessly. 

And Jody, if you're reading this, don't even think about asking me to give you my baby!  I know you think Theo's cute and all, and you can't have him either.  (Althooooough, if I find myself in this predicament AGAIN a year from now...kidding!)

Seriously, my friends Jody and Angie are hoping to adopt a baby and want to invite the birth parents to be a part of their child's life - what a wonderful gift from both sides.  I can't imagine any greater sacrifice or act of love than carrying a child in your womb for nine months and then placing him or her with another family because you know deep in your heart of hearts that you just can't provide that child with all the things that every child deserves.  On the flip side, I believe that adoptive parents should absolutely allow and encourage their child to maintain a relationship with their biological family so that there are no feelings of abandonment.  From day one, the child is exposed to the reason why the parents chose adoption.  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Jody and Angie are amazing.  They are like super hero aunts to their niece and nephews.  They bought a minivan to haul their niece and nephews around, for crying out loud!  Do YOU know any aunts or uncles that have done this?  That's dedication!  Both of these ladies are compassionate and work in a field of service where they give of themselves day in and day out to improve the lives of people with disabilities.  And they have both done this for YEARS.  Because they care.  Because they want to make lives better.  I know that is what they will do for the baby that they ulitmately adopt. 

Jody and Angie

I can't wait to hear that my friends have their sweet baby in their arms.  I am hoping there is a chance that this blog will reach someone who is considering open adoption for their unborn child.  I am encouraging anyone and everyone who reads this, whether I know you or not, to pass along their website, to everyone you know.  There is a ton of information about them and loads of wonderful pictures of them and their families on the website and I feel that anyone could get to know them by exploring the site, as it truly represents the fun, caring, wonderful people that they are.

Jody and Angie, I wish you all the luck in the world!

Lots of love,


  1. Any child would be LUCKY to have this couple as their parents. Their website is so sweet and I hope, hope, hope that they complete their family soon. I will definitely be sharing their story!

  2. Awww! I can't begin to express how much your words, support, and encouragement mean to me! Passing along our information is more than we could ask for! I hope that someday you'll be able to blog about the new addition to our family (I'll be sure you get the first interview! :) )
    Your friendship has and always will be very special to me and I'm always so very proud of you and the person you've become. WIth that said...CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition-to-be! Although you're stressed about it now, whether you have 1,2, or 12 kids...planned or the end your guys are both AMAZING parents, and in the end that's all that matters!
    Love you! ~J

  3. Where's the 'like' button on this thing?! Scratch that, the 'LOVE' button...wait, this isn't Facebook. Okay seriously, I got teary reading this blog and am so excited to see where this journey takes Jody and Angie! Any child would be lucky to find themselves in their home. Great blog, Candice!!

    Emily M.