Monday, November 8, 2010

curse you, time change.

Everyone looks forward to falling back in the fall, right?  Because it means we all get an extra hour of sleep, right? 

Well, allegedly, this is true.

In reality, it is a lie.

So if we were smart, we would have kept our little Prince Charming up an hour later so that we could sleep until the "normal" time or get an extra hour or what have you.  Said Prince Charming was extra tired Saturday night and decided he was down for the count at SEVEN THIRTY instead of the normal eight thirty to nine.  Yeah.  We knew we were in for a treat but had the highest of hopes. 

Know what time he got up?  Any guesses?  Five o'clock in the morning.  Meaning that the clock said 6 but it had not been switched back yet so the old 6 was the new 5.  Perhaps he just wanted a bottle after going to bed so early that he didn't get his last one Saturday?  Yes, please.  He took the bottle and then proceeded to stay up for hours and hours and hours and hours. 

Thank GOODNESS that we had spent the night with his grandparents and they swooped in and volunteered to baby-sit him so we could go back to sleep around 7am.  It's a good thing they did, too, because he never took more than a 30 minute nap all day.  He took a few short naps but nothing that amounted to any relief. 

Daylight Savings Time.  Pssh.  I used to be all for it.  Pssh.  What a joke.


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