Tuesday, September 7, 2010

if this doesn't confuse him, nothing will

How in the world will baby Theodore ever learn his name when he has so many?

Itty Bitty Boo (my husband is Big Boo...I'm Little Boo, so this one emerged when I was pregnant)

"Buddy" and variations:
 - Little Buddy
 - Bud
 - Bubs
 - Bub-Bub
 - Bubsy
 - Bubsers
 - Bubsy Wubsy
 - Bubberton

"Sweet Pea" and variations:
 - Sweet Pete
 - Sweet Peezus
 - Sweetie Petey
 - Sweetie Bee-bee

"Sugar" and variation:
 - Sugie

"Theo" and variations of Theodore and Theodore Jack:
 - T-Doh'
 - T-O
 - Theodoh' (Thee-uh-doh')
 - Theodorable
 - T-Jack
 - TJ
 - The "O"
 - Theus
 - Theo Leo
 - Theo-doe-doe
 - T

Poor kid.  (Um, that's not one of the nicknames...just my final thought.)


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