Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i melted

He's almost six months old now. It's happy, it's sad. Every day he does something new.  We had a "first" yesterday and it was probably my favorite one so far.

Normally I pick him up in the afternoon but yesterday, his daddy did so I'm sure he was surprised and a little confused.  When they got home I was drying my hair.  As they walked into the doorway of the bathroom, my baby made eye contact with me.  So what, right? 


His big bluish greenish grayish brownish (I wish they would hurry up and decide already...) eyes lit up and I could see a sparkle in them.  His tiny little mouth broke into a wide open grin and I could see his two teensy, brilliantly white teeth poking out of his slobbery pink gums.  I smiled back and leaned towards him to kiss his sweet smelling forehead.  At that moment, he reached.

He reached towards me with both hands and placed them on my cheeks.  He extended his arms further as if to say "there you are, I missed you!"  And then he leaned his entire upper body towards his momma, arms still extended, and open mouthed, toothy grin still in tact.  How could something so simple make both of us so happy?

I don't think I've ever loved so much or felt so loved.  That's not meant to take anything away from anyone I love or anyone who has loved me.  If you're a momma too, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  I'm gonna read this and remember this feeling when he's 15 and can't stand to be seen with me.