Friday, April 4, 2014

catch the moment 365: week thirteen

Well, shoot. Another week went by with no posts other than the Catch the Moment weekly link-up with Mindi at Simply Stavish, Sarah at Nurse Loves Farmer, and Stephanie at Behind the Camera and Dreaming.  I guess I've been kinda busy but not with anything spectacular.  No complaints. Our babysitter has been on vacation so our routine has been mixed up a bit. The boys are enjoying the variety. Two days with us, two days with their former sitter, and three days with their cousin at Nana and Pop Pop's.

This week was more about getting through and trying not to forget to take a photo every day, hence the less than spectacular photos you see below. While they are nothing you'd see at an art gallery, I like them. They represent our life!

85/365: March 26th.  Last drop off at the sitter before she went on vacation.  This is what I get - SERIOUSLY - every time I try to get a decent picture of them together.  Pathetic. Unposed shots always turn out much better.

86/365: March 27th. We visited Big Splash Adventure a couple of hours away. The boys had a blast. I'll attempt to do a dedicated post eventually...

87/365: March 28th. I made Ryan pull over so I could snag a shot of this covered bridge on our drive home from the indoor water park. 

88/365: March 29th.  Loungin' around on a lazy Saturday.

89/365: March 30th.  Ohhh, if only life's toughest decisions were which bricks to buy at the Lego store.

90/365: March 31st. Sweaty. Stinky. Red-faced. Exhausted. Happy.  It was a good day.

91/365: April 1st. Dinner with friends and the three silly boys carried around limes, sucking on them. Sillies.

Days 86 & 89 are my favorite this week.  Which ones do you like?



  1. Love love love these shots. My favourite pictures are often from the everyday.

    1. Me too -- I appreciate this project so much because I sure pick up my camera at times I wouldn't normally have though to before.

  2. That covered bridge is awesome!

  3. I like the bridge and probably would have asked the same thing. Although if we weren't in a hurry and IF there were no cars then I'd have gone a step further and taken the kids across the bridge, maybe even have tried to get pictures. However, yours are littler than mine and so it would also depend on the depth of the water under the bridge!

    I also like the pic of your sleep head in the car.

    1. thanks for all the great feedback!