Wednesday, April 30, 2014

catch the moment 365: week seventeen

We are getting spoiled with all the wonderful weather we've had. I'm starting to believe wholeheartedly that we're doomed to have crappy weather on the day of Dexter's outdoor birthday party (coming up in a couple weeks!)  Can't control it, so why worry about it right now?  Currently, we're just taking each day for what it is and enjoying the season before hot weather takes over. 

Linking up with Mindi at Simply Stavish, Stephanie at Behind the Camera and Dreaming, and Sarah at Nurse Loves Farmer for week 17 of Catch the Moment 365. It's not too late to jump in!

113/365: April 23rd.  I was floored when I received this sweet card and gift card from the team I work with. I'm not an administrative professional but they wanted to thank me anyway since there's not a "Care Coordinator Day."  YET. Hallmark's workin' on it.

114/365: April 24th. Thursday night date with my friend Brandy at the bowling alley. She smoked me, twice, but I didn't care. We had a blast talking and felt like rebels...sneaking out at 9pm after the kids were in bed. This is how a couple of moms get CRAZY.

115/365: April 25th. A trip to the park in the afternoon. I love the nervous concentration on his face as he navigated across small swaying platforms.

116/365: April 26th.  Another trip to the park on Saturday with a friend. She looks like she's feeling some of that same nervousness as she climbed up a high, curving ladder.

117/365: April 27th.  Sometimes I wonder what they are talking about when they are just out of earshot. Sometimes I don't want to know. I like that they are brothers and buddies and I hope it's always that way.

118/365: April 28th. I bought a giant ham on Saturday and made a few meals out of it. This simple ham pasta was a huge hit! So savory and mmmm...comfort food to the max.

119/365: April 29th.  Hard to believe May is almost month makes a big difference. I'm pretty sure temps were still below freezing a month ago and now everything is blooming and/or turning green. This is my favorite time of year!

The nature / landscape shots are becoming a favorite of mine...I do like day 119 this week! I also love day 117 because this is so typical of the boys these days. They love playing Legos...sometimes they don't always play so well together, but when they do, my heart nearly bursts.  I love that they have each other and that their relationship continues to grow and evolve. 

Which photo is your favorite this week? 



  1. I love the bowling image. The colors are great. I also love the two boys playing and the scenic shot. Also, Sorry if I commented twice. My browser at work is so strange.

    1. just one comment per reader please! :) JK thanks!

  2. I love your photos this week! It seems like you had a great week :)