Tuesday, May 28, 2013

toddler behavior fun

Theo has been a bit of a handful at times lately.  In case you don't know what that means, it's a gross understatement.  Use your imagination.  I literally started reading parenting classes curriculum in search of some magical remedy, not to mention wondering what the heck we've done so wrong thus far with discipline and whatnot.  He's just a moody, sensitive child that needs structure, routine, and hard rules sometimes. Dexter has never been that way. At Dexter's 2 year check-up we told the doctor that Dexter has been a breeze (as far as behavior is concerned) compared to Theo.  He was surprised that Dexter wasn't in the midst of full-blown Terrible 2s and we said "hey, don't jinx us dude."  Or something like that.

Well, well, well, well.

March 2013
Mr. Dexy Poo has been giving us a run for our money these last few days.  Crazy fits, ear-piercing screams, not listening, telling us he does things "because I want to" after we ask him why he's throwing this or breaking that, etc.  It's been a little nutso.  Luckily, Theo has been a dream this lovely long weekend.  Helpful, sweet, and so smart. I think he's really matured a lot lately. His thought process has been changing.  His understanding of more complex matters is increasing.  It's so fascinating to observe and participate in all these changes.  Good thing, because I don't think I could handle tantruming toddlers x2.

Sunday morning we were trying to get out the door and Dexter was underfoot in the kitchen. The kid would NOT get out of my way.  He was opening and slamming every cabinet door and drawer.  I sternly told him to stop or leave the kitchen and he started screaming back at me. WHO IS THIS KID?  Theo walked over to him and patted his back and said "Dexter, Dexter, don't do that.  Be nice. I'm trying to save you."  I had to laugh and ask Theo what he was saving Dexter from.  "Getting in trouble," he said with a smile.  He's becoming such a good big brother.

Dexter is now just shy of 2 years and 1 month old and we've seen no sign of a 2 year molar yet.  But he's super crabby and protests toothbrush time pretty consistently so fingers are crossed here for some big ugly teeth making their way through sometime soon.

March 2013. Can someone please remind me why I chopped their hair off??
Brothers.  Best pals.

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  1. I'm right there with you on this 2 stage. Mackenzie won't be two for 10 days, but she has started....well I like to call it 'testing.' I may have ran out the door Friday as Erin walked in. He also looked at me Sunday evening and said something about her attitude and I just looked at him and was like this is nothing!
    I have been in tears on the phone with my mom about what 'i've done wrong' with her more than once. She tells me 'I've done nothing wrong' and I'll tell you the same, you've done nothing wrong. We just have some special kiddos!

    Also, I fear the molars!