Thursday, May 2, 2013


I've gone on and on about how much I love Spring and how it's [obviously] the most wonderful time of the year. You know what Theo says if you ask him why he likes this time of year?

The Com-beros. (It rhymes with Camaros, actually).
The Com-ber-bobbles.
The Bom-curvables.

You know, convertibles. He looks for them everywhere. Now Dexter looks for them too. I try to get them excited about the Jeeps and motorcycles we see all over the place, but the elusive Com-bero...that's really what he's looking for.

The funny thing is that he had mastered the word Convertible last summer but since forgot how to say it. I think he secretly knows, but he also knows I think it's cute when he messes words up. So for now, we're on the hunt for those things. Com-beros and com-ber-bobbles, and especially bom-curvables.


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  1. So stinking cute!!! I love when our guys say things in a silly way even though they know how to say it the right way. Then when they start all of a sudden pronouncing it correctly it makes me a bit sad. Xander says ornaments like waterments and I love it. I just know next Christmas that will be a thing of the past- boo to that.