Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dexter's circus-themed 1st birthday party, Part 3

The one you've all been waiting for:  The fun!

Did you see Part One and Part Two already?  No?  Go on, get caught up.  I'll wait.

Well, as you saw in Part One, I decided to rent a bounce house to entertain the little ones.  It is a bit much for a 1 year old's party, I know, but most of Dexter's friends, cousins, etc. are older.  The party is about pleasing the guests as much as the guest of honor, right?  So we planned big fun.  Some gifts that we assembled ahead of time were big hits too, like the Little Tikes Police Car, Step Two Waterpark, and Step 2 All Sports Climber.  I think there was something for everyone!

A friend at the babysitter's house, Beau

The babysitter's sweet boy, Layton

Another friend, maybe girlfriend, Abby!

Our newest friend, Kingston (3 little weeks old!)

Time to eat!

Water park time!

This kid loves to splash.

Playing in the water with cousin Spencer.

My sister and grandma both made it in from out of town.


More friends, Angie, Cody, and baby Dawson.

Me and tiny Kingston.

Me & Ang.  I realize now that I did not do a good job of making sure I got pictures with all my/our friends.  So bad about remembering to do this!

Well, we hadn't planned on opening presents naked, but after getting soaked at the water park seemed like the only reasonable option!

A new backpack!'s not your birthday!

Time to smash!

He didn't know what to do, so big brother had to show him the ropes. 

Figured it out.

Bye bye cake.  And camera battery (good timing!).

There are lots of other friends and family members that came to celebrate who are not pictured in the blog - I hope no one is sad that I left them out!  We were just thrilled to have such a great turnout and such beautiful weather on this very special day.  At the end of the day, my heart was full of love for our people and pride for my baby boys.  Also, my stomach was full of hearty laughter because we saw Aziz Ansari at 8:30pm.  That was waaay too much to do in one day, but I couldn't miss a chance to see my favorite celebrity make me laugh my butt off.  Not literally. It's still there.  

Start to finish, it was one fabulous day.  Thanks to everyone that helped to make it that way! 

the very happy mommy of a 1 year old and a 2 year old

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